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Wolfspeed Z-Rec® 1200-V SiC Schottky diodes are optimized for your solar-power applications.

Wolfspeed continues to revolutionize the power industry Z RECby expanding its 1200-V silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diode family with higher and lower current ratings and surface-mount packages. Packaged in the industry-standard surface-mount TO-252 D-Pak, Wolfspeed Z-Rec 1200-V diodes are now available in 2 A, 5 A, 8 A & 10 A ratings, providing a solution that is optimized for solar-power inverters, power-factor-correction (PFC) circuits and UPS applications.

Wolfspeed is the only manufacturer with such a comprehensive range of current ratings in surface-mount configurations for 1200-V Schottky diodes, which provide all of the proven benefits of SiC Schottky diodes—zero reverse-recovery losses, temperature-independent switching, higher-frequency operation with low EMI and significantly higher surge and avalanche capability.

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Learn how Wolfspeed silicon carbide technology is revolutionizing power electronics


Watch Wolfspeed's new webinar explaining the physical properties of silicon carbide which make it the optimal material for power semiconductors and Wolfspeed's unique implementation of Junction Barrier (JBS) and Merged Pin (MPS) structures. This revolutionary JBS and MPS design increases surge capability, reduces the leakage current, and minimizes power dissipation to prevent damage to the device and improves overall system reliability. Learn how Wolfspeed Z-Rec Schottky diodes can help you get the most out of your next power design.


Wolfspeed Z-Rec Schottky diode family


As the world's leading manufacturer of SiC-based diodes, Wolfspeed has the expertise, proven technology and product portfolio to bring industry-leading performance to your designs and power applications.


In the field since 2002, Wolfspeed products are revolutionizing power electronics with SiC, a proven platform for efficiency and reliability. SiC provides the benefits of zero reverse recovery losses, temperature-independent switching, higher frequency operation with low EMI, and significantly higher surge and avalanche capability. These benefits allow for increased energy efficiency, reduced size and higher frequency in applications such as power factor correction, solar inverters, industrial motor drivers and output rectification.


Wolfspeed offers diodes in multiple packages with current ratings of:


  • 1 A, 2 A, 3 A, 4 A, 6 A, 8 A, 10 A and 20 A at 600 V
  • 4 A, 6 A, 8 A and 10 A at 650 V 
  • 2 A, 5 A, 8 A, 10 A, 15 A,20 A, 30 A and 40 A at 1200 
  • 10 A & 25 A at 1700 V

Wolfspeed has the global footprint and world-class distribution network to deliver SiC products wherever you need them. 


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