Why Wolfspeed Power

Wolfspeed is dedicated to enabling high-frequency high-power designs. We recognized long ago that moving to significantly higher switching frequencies, which are not viable in other technologies, would liberate the world’s industrial power designers from the mundane and empower them to create the future. That future we see is one with smaller, cooler and better products –all of which are lower cost, easier to ship and install with superior reliability. Our company has spent more than 27 years developing everything from crystal growth furnaces, Epi growth/device processes and other proprietary technologies needed to birth the world’s first Silicon Carbide based product line. We are the undisputed world experts in Silicon Carbide development for power devices and hold hundreds of patents protecting our proprietary products and production methods. The results we have achieved are heralded as the industries finest quality, most reliable, fastest switching and most energy efficient Schottky diodes, high voltage MOSFETs and power modules. Our products enable engineers to fly in the face of the boring silicon based designs that are ubiquitous in the industrial power market today and let their imaginations run free.

As a company, we are relentless in the pursuit of continuous improvement and the expansion of our product portfolio and support tools.   Surprisingly, this is not our main challenge. Our real challenge is convincing the power engineering community to try a new high frequency approach to the same old products that have been in the market for decades. Too many engineers are comfortable with tweaking their existing aged design with the same old technology that our fathers used at the peak of their careers. Our challenge now is informing engineers of the new way to design industrial power solutions that can be radically different. It’s hard breaking the traditional thinking of the last 30 years –but we’re working hard and making progress.

Are you an engineer ready to make a name for yourself by building new smaller, cooler and better product? Are you a marketing professional looking for an edge in your competitive market? Are you a business leader looking for market share gains and increased profitability? If so, join the thousands of informed customers who have taken the challenge to do ground up designs using our base technologies and see how our value proposition can enhance yours. We are ready to support you with development kits, reference designs, and applications notes –all found on this website.