Energy-Saving Power Amplifiers Made Possible

Cree RF devices help save energyWhy stick with old technology?

Raise the network equipment system specification to give you the best performance and costs savings.

The world’s cellular network is estimated to consume more than 100 TWh of electricity per year (approximate value of $12 billion US dollars) and 50–80 percent of the networks’ power is consumed by the systems’ power amplifiers and feed infrastructure.

Save Energy
Leveraging this innovative technology, radio base-station power amplifiers have demonstrated performance improvements of more than 20 percent over incumbent technology through increased power amplifier efficiency. The resulting energy savings are an estimated 10 TWh per year, the equivalent power output of two nuclear power plants.

Cover Wider Channel Frequencies
Wolfspeed’s gallium-nitride transistors use a silicon carbide substrate for maximum power handling capability. With the increasing demands of today’s communication infrastructure we are moving beyond the capability of the incumbent Si LDMOS technology. Wolfspeed GaN transistors, providing performance advantages such as channel bandwidths 10 x Si, represent the future for high power base station amplifiers.

Reduce System Costs
The higher efficiency of Wolfspeed’s GaN-based power amplifiers has two impacts on operating costs, less energy to drive the amplifier and as a result less cooling requirement to remove the wasted heat, the result, more than 20% lower energy bills! Higher efficiency and higher power density also means smaller amplifiers and heat sinks. The lower system volume implies reduced installation costs and easier maintenance.

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