Why Wolfspeed RF

Better Materials: GaN-on-SiC Substrates

Wolfspeed RF products use GaN on silicon-carbide substrates. SiC provides inherent advantages over silicon substrates — advantages that significantly benefit Wolfspeed customers.

GaN-on-SiC = Higher Efficiency

  • Less energy is dissipated as heat, thus
    • less cooling of the PA is required, reducing the number of fans
    • the heat sink is smaller, which means the overall PA is smaller
    • the power supply is smaller because GaN HEMTs draw less current

GaN-on-SiC = Higher Power Density

  • Wolfspeed’s GaN process technologies have power densities of 4 W to 8 W per millimeter of gate periphery
  • Higher power density directly results in smaller-sized transistors, which allows:
    • smaller power amplifiers for the same output power
      • smaller transistors/MMIC/switches/LNAs means a smaller heat sink, smaller PCB, smaller PA enclosure

GaN-on-SiC Advantages Can Lower Your Bill-of-Material Costs

  • Smaller heat sinks = lower cost
  • Smaller enclosures = lower cost
  • Smaller power supply = lower cost
  • Smaller cooling requirements = lower cost
  • Flexibility = the same transistor/MMIC part number for many PA designs
  • Higher-volume orders of the same PN result in lower costs

Plus, GaN Supports Wide-Band RF Operation-Gap Technology

  • Previously Si LDMOS based PAs (which are narrow-band) would require multiple PAs to cover wide frequency ranges, result in “band splitting.”
  • With GaN, a single broadband PA will often meet the specification, eliminating the need to band-split.

Wolfspeed Innovates

We were the first 

  • to offer GaN HEMTs for 4G communications
  • to offer GaN HEMTs for 5-GHz WiMAX/LTE
  • to achieve record wideband efficiencies
  • to break 400 W with a single GaN HEMT
  • to offer GaN PA and LNA MMICs

Wolfspeed GaN HEMTs resulted in innovation within the telecom Industry with the ability to design wider-bandwidth Doherty power amplifiers. Telecom efficiency improved even further with companies implementing digital predistortion (DPD) algorithms in order to capitalize on the high degree of correctability for GaN HEMTs.

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