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Wolfspeed MOSFETs enable higher switching frequencies and reduce the size of components like inductors, capacitors, filters & transformers. Our SiC MOSFETs replace silicon devices with higher blocking voltage (>1700V), avalanche rated to >1800V and lower switching and conduction losses. We created the first SiC MOSFET five years ago and have been perfecting the technology ever since.

Be sure to download our LT Spice MOSFET Models.


Product New Blocking Voltage (V) Rds(on) at 25°C (mΩ) Current Rating at 25°C (A) Package Data Sheet
C3M0065090J 900 65 35 TO-263-7
C3M0065090D 900 65 36 TO-247-3
C3M0120090D 900 120 23 TO-247-3
C3M0120090J 900 120 22 TO-263-7
C3M0280090J 900 280 11.5 TO-263-7
C3M0280090D 900 280 11.5 TO-247-3
C3M0065100K 1000 65 35 TO-247-4
C3M0065100J yes 1000 65 35 TO-263-7
C3M0120100K 1000 120 22 TO-247-4
C3M0120100J yes 1000 120 22 TO-263-7
C2M0025120D 1200 25 90 TO-247-3
C2M0040120D 1200 40 60 TO-247-3
C3M0075120K 1200 75 30 TO-247-4
C3M0075120J yes 1200 75 30 TO-263-7
C2M0080120D 1200 80 36 TO-247-3
C2M0160120D 1200 160 19 TO-247-3
C2M0280120D 1200 280 10 TO-247-3
C2M0045170D 1700 45 72 TO-247-3
C2M1000170D 1700 1000 5 TO-247-3
C2M1000170J 1700 1000 5.3 TO-263-7

Bare Die

View our basic gate driver board for discrete MOSFETs.