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What can be done better, must be done better.

Silicon semiconductors work just fine. They often contribute to systems that are inefficient, hot and clunky, but they can get the job done. But that’s the thing, we believe everyone deserves more than just fine. We’re inventing the future, and that means challenging the status quo. What would the world look like if past innovators had accepted technology that “works just fine?”

Would Étienne Lenoir and Siegfried Marcus have developed and commercialized the internal combustion engine for personal automotive use? Steam engines were “working just fine.” Would Hedy Lamar have helped create spread spectrum technology — which turned into the backbone of today’s wireless networks — to send coded messages during WWII? Telegraphs were “working just fine.”

Would Ray Tomlinson have created one of the first email platforms? Fax machines were “working just fine.” Without these inventors and pioneers believing they could build something better, our way of life would look very different. At Wolfspeed we believe that what can be done better, must be done better.

Easily accessible energy is finite. How we use it matters.

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only change forms.” It’s not just a suggestion; it’s the law (specifically of the conservation of energy). Whenever something requires power — whether it’s your cell phone charger or a huge server farm — that power must be changed from its source form to a form usable by the system. Right now, too many systems use inefficient silicon devices to convert energy. That means energy escapes and is wasted as heat, and we aren’t going to stand for it.

Our devices significantly reduce that waste by allowing power conversion to happen more efficiently. The planet demands exponentially increasing power from the grid. While we are adding more renewable sources to the mix, we still have to burn a lot of dead dinosaurs to create on-demand electrical energy.

Energy from fossil fuels is finite. The amount of carbon we can pump into the atmosphere while maintaining a habitable planet is finite. We won’t rest until every power system on the planet operates at maximum efficiency. Because we believe that the most cost effective and important form of alternative energy is the energy you don’t actually need to use.

Live in the present, innovate for tomorrow.

Wolfspeed understands that the adoption of new technology is not without its challenges. That’s why we’re committed to making the process of designing our products into new and existing systems as pain-free as possible. Wolfspeed strives to maintain competitive pricing so our devices enable system-level cost savings. Our technical experts are here for all our customers, going to great lengths to ensure that even the most complex questions get answered. We’re determined to remove any and all barriers to the adoption of wide-bandgap devices today.

However, today’s needs aren’t the only items on our agenda. We’ve been following Fleetwood Mac’s instructions very closely and have no plans to stop thinking about tomorrow anytime soon. Wolfspeed’s research and development group is constantly working to make sure our devices meet the needs of systems five, ten, even twenty years down the road. Whether it’s building an inverter the size of a tablet, an EV charger that delivers 300 miles worth of charge in 10 minutes or, one day, enabling multi-gigabit wireless coverage on Mars — whatever tomorrow’s innovators can dream up, Wolfspeed believes in powering it as efficiently as possible.