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Location: Anaheim, CA
Event date: Sunday, March 17, 2019 through Thursday, March 21, 2019


Wolfspeed’s SiC Power components are optimized for the tough demands of auto and industrial applications. Visit us in Booth 529 to see three new demos that show how our products are designed to withstand harsh conditions without compromising efficiency.

Wolfspeed engineers will be taking the stage at APEC to share our newest system designs and resources to help you in getting maximum performance from our SiC Power components. Come join the conversation at our presentations.


Visit us in Booth 529 to see hands on demos for auto and industrial applications:

Wolfspeed Demonstrations
6.6 kW On-Board Charger featuring Surface Mount MOSFET Technology
Buck Boost Evaluation Kit for Industrial applications
60kW Solar Boost Converter

Be sure to visit Richardson RFPD in Booth 660 to see more system designs featuring Wolfspeed components:

• 20 kW Full Bridge LLC Resonant Converter targeting high power density applications such as fast chargers for electric vehicles
• 6.6 kW DC/DC Bi-Directional On-Board Charger for electric vehicles and power storage


Learn about the benefits of Wolfspeed SiC and how to optimize your system design for peak performance

Presentation Type Presentation Title Presenter Date & Time Location
Industry Session SiC MOSFET Based High-Efficiency Bi-Directional On-Board Charger for EVs Jianwen Shao Tuesday, March 19
Industry presentation A Medium Voltage (10 kV), Low Inductance, SiC Power Module for Next-Generation Electric Power Distribution Applications Zach Cole and Kraig Olejniczak Wednesday, March 20
Industry presentation A Modular and Scalable High Performance Power Module for Silicon Carbide Devices Brice McPherson Wednesday, March 20
Industry Presentation Update on GaN and SiC Activities within JC-70 JEDEC Committee Jeff Casady Wednesday, March 20
Industry Presentation SiC Device Reliability Don Gajewski Wednesday, March 20
Industry Session Cost Down of Gate Drive for SiC MOSFETs Yuequan Hu Wednesday, March 20
Industry Session High Efficiency 60kW Boost Converter for Solar Power Generation Julius Rice Thursday, March 21
Industry Session Matching SiC MOSFET Spice Model Simulation Switching Loss with hardware testing Teik Ong Thursday, March 21
Technical Session New Surface Mount SiC MOSFETs Enable High Efficiency High Power Density Bi-directional On-Board Charger with Flexible DC–link Voltage Frank Wei Thursday, March 21

For more information about APEC click here!