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Representation of Wolfspeed's portfolio of radar products

European Microwave Week 2021

In person event in London, UK. April 2 - 7

Unleashing the Power of Possibilities

Enabling High Performance RF Power System Designs through Ka band.


Professional Headshot of Bill Pribble
Presenter Bill Pribble

Design of High Performance Microwave and Millimeter Wave GaN HPAs

Presenter: Bill Pribble
Date: 4/02/22 in Room 10

There is a growing need for higher performing MMIC HPAs to support currently growing markets such as 5G telecommunications, satellite communications, and AESA radar systems through Ka-band. Size and performance requirements demand excellent power density, efficiency and linearity in order to make evolving systems feasible. While performance is of primary importance in these applications, cost must be considered for commercial systems. A key driver of cost is MMIC packaging and so we will also discuss some challenges with surface mount and high-frequency metal-ceramic packages. This presentation we will discuss these demands, focus on key developments to enable these MMICs, and present examples of designs that address these needs.

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Featured Communications Infrastructure Products

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Frequency Min
Frequency Max
P3dB Output Power
Operating Voltage
Package Type
GaN on SiC
2.11 GHz
2.2 GHz
450 W
15 dB
48 V
Packaged Discrete Transistor
GaN on SiC
2.515 GHz
2.675 GHz
500 W
15 dB
48 V
Packaged Discrete Transistor

GaN Foundry Services

Offering design assistance, proven processes, testing, and support for first pass design success

MMICs now available with Environmental Encapsulant and Scratch Coat (EE+SC) for improved robustness

Lab worker in the Wolfspeed RF Foundry attending to wafers coming out of the oven.


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Aerospace & Defense

GaN on SiC Range and Thermal Awareness Eases X-Band Radar Design

As the need for smaller and higher performing radar systems is increasing, GaN on SiC has become the technology of choice for next generation radar systems. This article will discuss GaN on SiC MMIC solutions to thermal concerns for next generation radar systems during continuous wave (CW) operation.
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Improving Pulse Fidelity in RF Power Amplifiers

A radar system designer’s most coveted objectives are achieving a long range, adequate resolution to distinguish objects in close proximity to each other, and the ability to not only determine target velocities but target types in order to help differentiate friendlies from adversaries.A combination of both approaches is essential, and engineers can design for peak power points of the load-pull simulation while also paying attention to other parts of the circuit for baseband signal fidelity.
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Why Wolfspeed?

GaN Expertise

We created the industry’s first GaN HEMT on Silicon Carbide and for the last 20 years have focused on investing in tomorrow’s innovative RF solutions by partnering with the world’s designers to improve system size, weight, and power.


As a pioneer in gallium nitride semiconductors, we now field a broad portfolio of the most capable next-generation, GaN on SiC based HEMTs (as packaged & bare die), MMIC power amplifiers, as well as LDMOS devices for all your RF system design needs.


We are the only vertically-integrated semiconductor manufacturer and control 100% of our GaN and SiC material supply. We doubled our production capacity in 2018 and will continue to expand our capacity to meet the expected market growth by 2024.

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