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June 11 - 16, 2023

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Join us in person at IMS June 11th - 16th in San Diego, CA

IMS (International Microwave Symposium) is the flagship event in a week dedicated to all things microwaves and RF. The week also includes the IEEE MTT-S Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium (RFIC), the Automatic Radio Frequency Techniques Group (ARFTG), and the Women in Engineering Leadership Conference. Visit us at booth 1735 to meet our experts and help you discover next-generation performance or reach out to our team and schedule a meeting today.


RF Foundry Jeremy Fisher Headshot
Jeremy Fisher, Wolfspeed

Presentation: WMA-1: Improving Power-RF Performance Using a Comprehensive, Application-Oriented Approach to Modeling, Simulation, and Characterization
Speaker: Jeremy Fisher
Date: Monday June 12 8:00 - 11:50

Abstract: Meeting the power, efficiency and linearity requirements of modern-day RF systems continues to become ever more challenging. In particular, GaN devices offer unique advantages and thus are becoming ubiquitous in high-power RF systems. However, they also present challenges with regard to transient response and linearization that complicate both device and circuit design. In this presentation we discuss a comprehensive approach to RF device, circuit and component design. We have realized improved results and shorter development cycle time by utilizing a rigorous approach including physical modeling, compact modeling, and behavioral modeling from the device level up to the system level. We see improved accuracy in design and simulation by using test signals that better represent real life situations. Industry standard test signals are used in conjunction with transient-capable behavioral models for both system level characterization and simulation of devices and circuits. By utilizing a more comprehensive and application-oriented approach, we can realize more accurate simulations during design and reduce the overall design cycle time.

RF Foundry Yueying Liu Headshot
Yueying Liu, Wolfspeed

Presentation: IWTU6: GaN–on–SiC: From Technology to System Design through Systematic and Accurate Modeling of Device Building Blocks
Speaker: Yueying Liu
Date: Tuesday, June 13 13:30-15:10
Location: 29D

Abstract: There are challenges in dealing with device behaviors at different design levels- from device physics to application specifics and system level interactions. In this workshop, an overview of the Wolfspeed design process, from technologies to systems will be presented. From material to technology, and the final product; each development step involves simulation analysis to understand the design parameter interactions impacts on systems. The design process usually involves trade-offs in order to achieve the optimum performance. Strategically choosing the right design tools and modeling strategy is the key to unlocking the superior quality of the technology.


Visit us at booth 1735 to meet our experts and view our demos featuring products from our industry-leading portfolio.

Wolfspeed CMPA5259100S GaN MMIC surface mount

100W C Band Radar: CMPA5259100S

Wolfspeed’s CMPA5259100S is a 100 W package MMIC HPA utilizing Wolfspeed’s high performance, 50 V GaN on SiC production process. The CMPA5259100S operates from 5.0-5.9 GHz and supports both defense and commercial-related radar applications. The CMPA5259100S achieves 100 W of saturated output power with 25 dB of large signal gain and very high power-added efficiency under pulsed operation.

Product Page
Product image of Wolfspeed's CMPA851A050S 8.5 - 10.5 GHz, 80 W GaN MMIC HPA

80W X-Band Radar: CMPA851A050S

Wolfspeed’s CMPA851A050S is a 80W MMIC HPA utilizing Wolfspeed’s high performance, 0.15um GaN on SiC production process. The CMPA851A050S operates from 8.5-10.5 GHz and supports both defense and commercial-related radar applications. The CMPA851A050S achieves 80 W of saturated output power with 29 dB of large signal gain and best-in-class efficiency under pulsed operation. Packaged in a small 7x7mm overmold QFN, the CMPA851A050S provides superior performance and environmental robustness and supports automated assembly. Also offered in bare die and flange platforms.

Wolfspeed RF CMPA601J025F flange package

25W high Frequency Broad Band PA: CMPA601J025F 6-18 GHz

Wolfspeed’s CMPA601J025F is a 25 W, MMIC HPA utilizing Wolfspeed’s high performance, 0.15um GaN on SiC production process. The CMPA601J025F operates from 6 – 18 GHz and supports a variety of end applications such as electronic warfare, test instrumentation, radar and general amplification. The CMPA601J025F achieves 25 W of saturated output power with 20 dB of large signal gain and 20% power-added efficiency under CW operation. Packaged in a 15×15 mm bolt-down, flange package, the CMPA601J025F provides superior broadband, RF performance and thermal management. Also offered in bare die format.

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In Memory of John Palmour

While there’s dozens of technical sessions to join at IMS, Wolfspeed is honored to share that on Wednesday, June 14 at 13:30 (We3C),  the session titled “Novel Power Amplifier Architectures for High-Power Applications” was dedicated by IMS to the memory of our late co-founder, John Palmour. You can learn more about this session and others at

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