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Field Service Engineer Safety

Field Service Engineer Safety Information Worksheet

NOTE: Only one representative from your company needs to complete this company-level document.

Thank you for your interest in providing services to Wolfspeed.  Wolfspeed is committed to the safety of all our contractors and Field Service Engineers (FSE’s).  To that end, the Environmental Health and Safety Department (EHS) would like to request your cooperation in completing the Field Service Engineer Safety Information Worksheet.

Wolfspeed defines Field Service Engineers as highly specialized personnel who are contractually responsible for maintaining process instrumentation, facilities, technology, mechanical, or electrical equipment on Wolfspeed sites as a condition of warranty repair or ongoing quality assurance.

FSE’s would likely fill these specific tasks at Wolfspeed facilities:

  • Installation of new manufacturing tools or equipment
  • Calibration of tools or equipment
  • Factory inspection and testing of tools or equipment
  • Troubleshooting and responding to alerts and error messages on equipment as a condition of warrantied repair and scheduled tool maintenance
  • Research and development

If the work performed by your company significantly differs from the above definition, please contact your Wolfspeed, Inc. sponsor and voice your concerns or contact

Access the FSE Safety Information Worksheet


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