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Investor Relations

Investor Day 2019

Driving the transition from silicon to silicon carbide

Our technologies are powering an electric future, leading the industry’s transition from silicon to silicon carbide. Management will be providing an update on the company’s transformation efforts and long-range plans. You can watch footage of CEO, Gregg Lowe, and other members of our senior management team at the company’s 2019 Investor Day and download a copy of the slides.

Investor Day 2019 Presentations

Download the Slides

Session 1

8:02 AM — 8:05 AM
Welcome — Tyler Gronbach, VP IR
8:05 AM — 8:40 AM
Strategic Overview — Gregg Lowe, President & CEO
8:40 AM — 9:10 AM
Silicon Carbide 101 — John Palmour, CTO
9:10 AM — 10:00 AM
Wolfspeed — Cengiz Balkas, GM of Wolfspeed & other leaders
10:00 AM — 10:20 AM
Break & Interactive Product Demos

Session 2

10:20 AM — 10:45 AM
Customer Fireside Chat
10:45 AM — 11:05 AM
Opportunity Pipeline — Thomas Wessel, SVP Global Sales & Marketing
11:05 AM — 11:25 AM
Silicon Carbide Dynamics — Rick McFarland & Lisa Fritz
11:25 AM — 11:35 AM
LED Update — Claude Demby
11:35 AM — 12:05 PM
Financial Overview — Neill Reynolds, CFO
12:05 PM — 12:10 PM
Closing Remarks — Gregg Lowe, President & CEO
12:10 PM — 12:55 PM
Q&A — All presenters
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