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GaN Foundry

GaN RF HEMT and MMIC Foundry Services

Feb 07, 2020
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Integrated Expertise Delivers the Best GaN Solutions for X-Band PAs

Gallium nitride is the undisputed technology for achieving high-efficiency operation in high-frequency applications, such as those at X-band (8–12 GHz). But device selection for X-band applications doesn’t end with choosing the material technology, because turning the bulk material characteristics into high-performance GaN on SiC devices is quite another matter.
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Top Design Considerations for X-Band GaN Power Amplifiers

In this webinar, Dr. Robert Smith of PRFI Ltd. will discuss PA design considerations such as MMIC process selection, transistor sizing and biasing. He will also talk about the power combining of multiple transistors, matching considerations, and load-pull simulations.


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