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The Wolfspeed SpeedFit 2.0 Design Simulator: Accelerating the SiC design process

Feb 08, 2021
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The Wolfspeed SpeedFit 2.0 Design Simulator: Accelerating the SiC design process

Today’s technology marketplace moves more quickly than ever before — and design engineers are at the forefront of trying to meet expectations and deliver the tech of tomorrow.

Wolfspeed has been at the forefront of innovation, designing products that are tailor-fit for the most demanding power supply applications that require the highest levels of efficiency and power density. Wolfspeed is never satisfied and is constantly in pursuit of the next breakthrough to help engineers more easily and quickly create the designs of the future.

With this in mind, Wolfspeed created the SpeedFit 2.0 Design Simulator, the industry’s most comprehensive circuit simulator built specially for silicon carbide (SiC) applications. Leveraging over 30 years of experience and millions of operating hours in the field, Wolfspeed has incorporated the platform with the most common topologies used in today’s designs. This range of topologies includes everything from simple buck and boost converters to a fully-bidirectional totem-pole PFC with a resonant DC/DC converter, with others available in between.

Wolfspeed’s SpeedFit 2.0 Design Simulator helps you select the right Wolfspeed SiC product for your design as well as run simulations to help you easily predict and minimize conduction and switching losses, quickly compare different device and thermal configurations, and generate circuit diagrams and a summary report to help you bring the whole thing together.

So why should you choose Wolfspeed SiC in the first place? As a technology, SiC has proven to be truly transformative — and the numbers speak for themselves. For example, replacing a traditional silicon diode with a Wolfspeed SiC Schottky diode in a hard-switched IGBT application results in 80% reduction in switching losses throughout the system. This results in designs that are more efficient and more reliable, with additional gains that can be seen across the board when comparing Wolfspeed SiC with traditional silicon semiconductors.

Wolfspeed is leading the industry transformation from silicon to silicon carbide, having invested billions of hours into researching, designing, and manufacturing its top-of-the-line SiC products. By offering tools like the SpeedFit 2.0 Design Simulator, we are demonstrating our ongoing commitment to share what we have learned to help engineers get from concept to production with silicon carbide power as quickly as possible.

Explore the tool for yourself and discover the Wolfspeed difference.

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