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GaN on SiC

Understanding the Wolfspeed Advantage: Technology, People, Processes and Support

Aug 19, 2019
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Wolfspeed has earned its long-standing reputation for delivering high-performance, highly reliable RF power products to its customers. Since its creation of the industry’s first GaN on SiC high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT) more than 20 years ago, Wolfspeed’s continued focus on performance and reliability has catapulted the company to become a market and technology leader of GaN on SiC-based semiconductor solutions. But the company’s innovation hasn’t come at the expense of quality. Wolfspeed is well-regarded among its customers for consistently delivering high-quality, highly reliable components.

Wolfspeed’s technology is superior, however, when combined with its people, processes and modelling, Wolfspeed has unparalleled expertise in helping customers design their systems in a way that yields top performance and drives their own success.

Delivering Best-in-Class Technology

As a vertically integrated company, Wolfspeed owns all steps in the GaN on SiC production process (crystal growth, epitaxy, device processing), allowing it to push the technology forward quickly. Wolfspeed:

  • Designs both the wafer growth and epitaxy processes so they are optimized for each other, creating superior epitaxy
  • Controls its own SiC supply and has a major share of global SiC production, ensuring customers always have access to SiC
  • Produces a large volume of SiC and is increasing capacity, leading to lower SiC costs over time

Wolfspeed also has a best-in-class failure-in-time (FIT) rate, which is defined as a failure rate of 1 per billion hours. Many FIT rates are measured in the hundreds. Wolfspeed’s FIT rate is consistently in the single digits at 5-per-billion device hours, illustrating the industry-leading reliability and performance of the company’s GaN on SiC devices.

Finally, Wolfspeed has successfully fielded more than 15 million devices and clocked an industry-leading 170+ billion field hits—more than any other company.

World-Class Teams

Wolfspeed has support teams and field application engineers (FAEs) situated throughout the world to support its customers’ needs, including dedicated FAEs at customer locations in North America, Europe, and throughout Asia in India, Japan, China and South Korea.

Wolfspeed’s teams have spent more than 20 years supporting customers with RF power devices, starting with 2G all the way to the latest 5G rollout. Field Application Engineers (FAEs) are available to work on-site assisting customers in successfully designing their systems to yield the maximum performance of Wolfspeed GaN on SiC parts. Its FAEs have wide industry experience with both product-level and system-level designs, with the team having more than 175 years of combined experience across nearly 100 projects. This expertise and experience helps Wolfspeed to both successfully implement system-level designs and troubleshoot when necessary at customer sites, enabling its customers to achieve their goals for higher power density with lower system costs and higher efficiency.

Comprehensive Documentation and Modelling

Wolfspeed offers a wide range of documentation and modeling for customers, including guided training, evaluation kits, reference designs, samples, data sheets, and eventually application notes and simulation models.

In many cases, Wolfspeed’s evaluation kits and reference designs are optimized specifically to meet specific customer application requirements. Customers value the quick support from the FAE as well as reference designs, data sheets and samples delivery. When working with cellular applications, significant hands-on work must be done before the design win is achieved.

For design flexibility, Wolfspeed offers device models for both ADS and AWR simulations, depending on the client’s requirements. Because Wolfspeed is a vertically integrated company and has its own GaN on SiC die technology and its own wafer fabrication, it provides an advantage for the Wolfspeed modeling team to understand the device models at the die level more accurately. Teams are able to study and incorporate the fundamental technology parameters within its models more accurately compared to its competition. This helps Wolfspeed to generate models that can provide accurate simulation results on expected performance before moving on to actual hardware development.

Proven Leaders

Wolfspeed is actively involved in defining device model standards for GaN RF power transistors. Two members of the Wolfspeed RF power modeling team were on the GaN standardization committee for the Compact Model Council. Wolfspeed was an industry sponsor for the Advanced SPICE Model for HEMTs (ASM) group and chose this model as the basis for its work, which has been accepted for standardization. Wolfspeed has been using these ASM models internally and externally in its customer process design kits (PDKs). Its models are surface potential based, which gives them the following advantages:

  • Scalable
  • Wide prediction range
  • Accurate charges and capacitances
  • Better prediction of the effects of harmonic distortion

The Wolfspeed Advantage: Driving Results

Wolfspeed’s onsite support and dedicated hard work, backed by world-class products and strong modelling and documentation, helps it deliver the industry’s best customer experience. Wolfspeed is vertically integrated, with the ability to provide customers specific technologies tailored precisely to their specific needs. The result: Wolfspeed helps customers achieve their goals for higher power density and higher efficiency with lower overall system costs. That’s the Wolfspeed advantage.

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