Communication Infrastructure

Wolfspeed RF on the Web: A Virtual Trade Show Experience

Apr 28, 2021
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Wolfspeed RF on the Web: A Virtual Trade Show Experience
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Communication Infrastructure

Requirements for Wideband Power Amplifiers Used in mMIMO Applications

To accommodate for the immense growth in data rates that future wireless communication systems require, PAs should be able to transmit multi-carrier and multi-mode signals that occupy the full frequency span of a given communication spectrum, while also meeting challenging power, efficiency, and linearity requirements.
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Communication Infrastructure

Top Three Challenges with DPD Linearization for 5G MIMO Transmitters

5G will bring some challenges with DPD linearization. In this webinar, we will discuss bandwidth, massive MIMO, and TDD operation. Also, we shall describe how the industry needs some DPD development to meet linearity specifications, as well as how partnerships between industry sectors will make 5G a success.
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Communication Infrastructure

How to Enable a Successful RF Broadband Design for a 500 – 3000 MHz Amplifier

Today’s modern communications systems require amplifiers that meet a high level of performance over much broader frequency spectrum's. This webinar will describe how thermal considerations can set performance thresholds for amplifiers, why broadband designs are difficult, and a methodical design flow to achieve a balanced performance across the target band.
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