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Wolfspeed CGD15HB62P1 2Ch GateDriver 1200V SiC MOSFET
Gate driver board (engineering solution)
NOTE: Not recommended for new designs. CGD1200HB2P-BM2 is the recommended replacement.

Wolfspeed’s CGD15HB62P1 is a two-channel gate driver for 1200V Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET power modules. Each of the two gate drive channels is protected by a desaturation circuit. In the event of a short circuit; the voltage across the MOSFET (VDS) rises until it hits a threshold which causes the desaturation circuit to drive both gate drive channels to their off state.

Download its reference design.

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Data Sheet
Gate Driver Board
  • 2 output channels
  • Isolated power supply
  • Direct mount low inductance design
  • Short circuit protection
  • Under voltage protection
  • Driver for 1.2kV; SiC MOSFET modules
  • DC Bus voltage up to 900V
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