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High Power RF LDMOS FET 330 W; 50 V; 746 – 768 MHz
NOTE: Discontinued.

The PTRA093302FC is a 330-watt LDMOS FET with an asymmetric design intended for use in multi-standard cellular power amplifier applications in the 746 MHz to 768 MHz frequency band. Features include dual-path design; input matching; high gain and thermally-enhanced package with earless flange. Manufactured with Wolfspeed’s advanced LDMOS process; this device provides excellent thermal performance and superior reliability.

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Frequency Min
Frequency Max
P3dB Output Power
Operating Voltage
Package Type
0.746 GHz
0.768 GHz
175 W
17 dB
50 V
  • Input matched
  • Asymmetric Doherty design: Main P1dB = 150 W Typ; Peak P1dB = 175 W Typ
  • Typical Pulsed CW performance; 746–768 MHz; 48 V; combined outputs: Output power at P1dB = 200 W; Efficiency = 54%; Gain = 16.5 dB
  • Capable of handling 10:1 VSWR @48 V; 79 W (CW) output power
  • Integrated ESD protection
  • Pb-free and RoHS compliant
  • Multi-standard Cellular Power Amplifiers
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Thermal Considerations for High-Power GaN RF Amplifiers

Many RF applications require very long lifetimes with typical military and telecom use cases demanding more than 10 years of operation. Junction temperature Tj, or the temperature of the base semiconductor in the device, plays an important role in device reliability as does the substrate material in keeping the base semiconductor cool.
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