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Wolfspeed GaN transistors help improve LTE small cell coverage while keeping costs low — and customers happy.

Wolfspeed GaN Technology

Our global society is moving towards a milestone of 7 billion wireless connections. That is about as many connections as there are people! How do we provide wireless users with a high-quality experience on their connected device, with limited impact on the environment? The answer is small cells with gallium-nitride semiconductors.

Wolfspeed GaN HEMT RF devices outperform other technologies and cover more frequency bands per amplifier to lower your capital expenses. Our high-efficiency, high-density design reduces operating costs and amplifier size. With years of experience developing innovative solutions for critical communications applications, Wolfspeed is the leader in GaN technology for telecom.

The most significant feature of GaN-based amplifiers is a wide channel bandwidth. The bandwidth of the channel dictates the information carrying capacity of the channel. When using a Wolfspeed GaN-based power amplifier, you increase the size of the pipe—providing faster download speeds and fewer dropped calls.

No coverage, no customers.

Another significant feature is wide signal bandwidth. This enables a single GaN-based amplifier to process more traffic than a silicon-based amplifier by covering more frequencies. Through the combination of wide signal and wide channel bandwidths, network operators can use fewer amplifiers to provide a more satisfying user experience or QoS, quality of service. Increasing the user experience while needing fewer resources is important. Networks can be deployed faster and with less equipment, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Wolfspeed 28-V, 40-V and 50-V GaN HEMTs are ideal for these amplifier applications:

  • 0.7 – 2.7-GHz, 3.3 – 3.8-GHz and 4.9 – 5.9-GHz LTE
  • 4G telecom
  • BWA