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Automotive application of Wolfspeed power products in an electric vehicle on the road

What’s Under the Hood?

Explore what’s driving today’s most advanced EVs

Explore what’s driving today’s most advanced EVs

Now more than ever, electric vehicles (EVs) are on the minds and roads of drivers across the globe, but what exactly is powering these state-of-the-art vehicles? Shine a light under the hoods of today’s most advanced electric vehicles and learn about the technology pushing the EV revolution ahead of the curve with What’s Under the Hood, a six-part series intended to educate, inform and inspire electric vehicle designers and drivers.

Current Articles

Silicon Carbide

What’s Under the Hood? EV Architectures & Inverters

Explore architectures for EV powertrain electrification and the two key components for the EV drivetrain, the types and placements of electric motors, and Silicon Carbide-based inverters and their switching schemes.
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The Batteries that Power EVs

This chapter of Wolfspeed’s What’s Under the Hood series shines the light on the powerhouse of BEVs — the battery pack — to reveal cell characteristics, battery chemistries, and architectures, as well as hazards, protections, and control.
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Upcoming Articles

Contractors Implement EV Safety

Placed beside the more keenly discussed parts of the EV powertrain are electromechanical switches, called contactors. Despite their unglamorous existence under the hood, they are part of both functional and safety essentials that keep the EV running smoothly.  Explore the switches that play various roles in an EV, from helping manage cell balancing and routing out on-board chargers (OBCs) in favor of fast charging, to protecting batteries from overcurrent conditions.

Date: 9/28/2022

Chargers: A Tale of Standards and Many Connectors

In this chapter of Wolfspeed’s What’s Under the Hood series we introduce various standard charging power levels and describe the variety of EV charger plugs used globally. Discover the types and standards of communication between vehicle and charger, and charger and grid.

Date: 10/12/2022

On-board Chargers: Filling up the Electric Ride

The electrification of transportation is built on innovative developments including on-board chargers (OBCs) that support up to Level 2 charging from ever smaller, lighter, cooler, and cheaper solutions. In this chapter of Wolfspeed’s What’s Under the Hood series, learn about OBC functionality, architecture, and explains how they are so important to maintaining battery health.

Date: 10/26/2022

DC Fast Chargers: Delivering Rapid Top-Ups for EVs

Thanks to public charge points that are trending toward increasing power delivery for ever shorter charge times, EVs are finding avid buyers. In this final chapter of Wolfspeed’s What’s Under the Hood series, explore DC fast chargers, their power characteristics, architecture, communications and interoperability.

Date: 11/09/2022


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