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Automotive application of Wolfspeed power products in an electric vehicle on the road

What’s Under the Hood?

Explore what’s driving today’s most advanced EVs

Explore what’s driving today’s most advanced EVs

Now more than ever, electric vehicles (EVs) are on the minds and roads of drivers across the globe, but what exactly is powering these state-of-the-art vehicles? Shine a light under the hoods of today’s most advanced electric vehicles and learn about the technology pushing the EV revolution ahead of the curve with What’s Under the Hood, a six-part series intended to educate, inform and inspire electric vehicle designers and drivers.

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What’s Under the Hood? DC Fast Chargers: Delivering Rapid Top-Ups for EVs 

There are two ways to charge an EV – Via a Level 1 or 2 AC on-board charger (OBC) overnight at home, or via a DC fast charger (DCFC). DCFCs can reduce charge times down to 15-45 min for an 80% top-up.
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