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MMIC Power Amplifier, 10 W, 0.45 - 6.0 GHz
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Wolfspeed’s CMPA0560008S is a 10W packaged MMIC HPA utilizing Wolfspeed’s high performance, 0.15um GaN on SiC production process. The CMPA0560008S operates from 0.45-6 GHz and supports a variety of RF applications such as electronic warfare, test and measurement, radar among others. The CMPA0560008S achieves 10 W of saturated output power with 12 dB of large signal gain and typically 40% power-added efficiency under CW operation.

Packaged in a 5×5 mm plastic overmold QFN, the CMPA0560008S provides superior performance and environmental robustness in a small form factor allowing customers to improve SWaP-C benchmarks in their next-generation systems.

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Frequency Min
Frequency Max
Peak Output Power
Operating Voltage
Package Type
GaN on SiC
0.45 GHz
6 GHz
10 W
19 dB
28 V
Packaged MMIC
Surface Mount
  • Psat: 10 W
  • PAE: 40 %
  • LSG: 12 dB
  • S21: 19 dB
  • S11: -11 dB
  • S22: -8 dB
  • CW operation
  • Small 5 x 5 mm footprint
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Test and Measurement
  • Radar
  • General Amplification
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Application Notes
Data Sheets
Technical Papers & Articles
by Donald A. Gajewski – Scott Sheppard – Tina McNulty – Jeff B. Barner – Jim Milligan and John Palmour
This paper reports the reliability performance of the Wolfspeed – GaN/AlGaN HEMT MMIC process technology – fabricated on 100 mm high purity semi-insulating (HPSI) 4H-SiC substrates.
Technical Papers & Articles
by Raymond S. Pengelly – Simon M. Wood – James W. Milligan – Scott T. Sheppard – and William L. Pribble
Technical Papers & Articles
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Thermal Considerations for High-Power GaN RF Amplifiers

Many RF applications require very long lifetimes with typical military and telecom use cases demanding more than 10 years of operation. Junction temperature Tj, or the temperature of the base semiconductor in the device, plays an important role in device reliability as does the substrate material in keeping the base semiconductor cool.
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