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Electric vehicle with the Wolfspeed Wolfstreak in the background introducing the New Wolfspeed

Introducing Our Mohawk Valley Fab

The world’s first, largest and only 200mm Silicon Carbide fab is officially open for business.

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Unleashing the Power of PossibilitiesTM

In every industry, silicon has taken a back seat to the far superior performance of Wolfspeed’s Silicon Carbide and GaN electronics. Our founders pioneered Silicon Carbide and GaN solutions for both High Power and RF applications, and Wolfspeed remains the sole vertically integrated supplier for both industry sectors.

Portrait style shot of Guy Moxey, presenter of In the Studio

In The Studio

Wolfspeed presents In The Studio as an in-depth series that unpacks some of the semiconductor industry’s biggest questions, and investigates the trends and innovations that will shape tomorrow. In The Studio is hosted by Wolfspeed’s Guy Moxey, who’s spent nearly three decades working to help customers develop ground-breaking applications through the power of Silicon Carbide.

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Aug 10, 2022

Wolfspeed, Inc. to Report Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2022 Earnings on August 17, 2022

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Pursue a more efficient future with Silicon Carbide and GaN solutions for power electronics, RF, substrates and epitaxy.


Choose from the most field-tested Silicon Carbide and GaN technologies in any field.

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Aerial rendering of the new Wolfspeed Mohawk Valley fabrication - the world’s largest Silicon Carbide fabrication in Marcy, New York.

Capacity Expansion

We have built the world’s largest Silicon Carbide fabrication facility in Marcy, New York. This brand new, state-of-the-art power wafer fabrication facility will be automotive-qualified and 200mm-capable. It is complemented by our mega materials factory expansion currently underway at our Durham, North Carolina headquarters.

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Selecting Between Wolfspeed’s Design Tools

Explore the advantages of Wolfspeed’s design tools to expedite the power design process and optimize results. Tools ranging from software simulations, such as PLECS® and SPICE, to measurement-based methods, such as dynamic performance characterization.
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