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Industrial Motor Drives

Wolfspeed silicon carbide power devices run faster, cooler and use less energy than any silicon solution at a comparable cost.

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Industrial Motors Powered by Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide Meet Leading Efficiency Standards.

Industrial electric motors, including industrial low voltage motor drives, servo drives, heat pumps and air conditioners, together account for more than 45% of all global electricity consumed annually. Wolfspeed silicon carbide (SiC) devices enhance overall motor efficiency by up to 2.6% or more, reduce overall system losses by up to 50%, and meet stringent efficiency standards including IE4, SEER, ESSER and SCOP levels in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; and China’s GB21455 standards. Additionally, silicon carbide enables system designers to integrate drives and motors, designing smaller, lighter, less complex embedded industrial drives.

Industrial Motor Applications

Stock image of multiple Industrial Low Voltage Motor Drives in action representing Wolfspeed's Silicon Carbide (SiC) parts being used in industrial low voltage motor drives designs.

Low Voltage Motor Drives

Using a full Wolfspeed silicon carbide solution in industrial low voltage motor drives enables designers to achieve IE4 efficiency standards and a 2.6% increase in overall system efficiency.

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Simulate Designing Industrial Motor Drives with SiC using SpeedFit™ Design Simulator

Use the SpeedFit™ Design Simulator to design smaller and quieter industrial motor drive systems including industrial low voltage motor drives, servo drives, and compressors for heat pumps and air conditioners.
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