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Silicon Carbide Manufacturing Leadership

Increasing capacity to address steepening demand

Five Investments Bolstering Our Industry-Leading Manufacturing Position

Wolfspeed Mohawk Valley Fab in Marcy, NY USA

We have $6.5B in CapEx committed through 2027 for:

  • Expanding our existing Durham, NC materials facility
  • Building the “The John Palmour Manufacturing Center for Silicon Carbide” in Siler City, NC​
  • Ramping the world’s first 200 mm Silicon Carbide fab in Mohawk Valley (Marcy, NY)​
  • A planned second 200 mm fab in Saarland, Germany​
  • Establishing multi-site epitaxy footprint with purchase of Farmers Branch, TX epi facility​

World's 1st
commercially available, fully qualified silicon carbide MOSFET
SiC Leadership
Wolfspeed is the leader in silicon carbide technology
13+ trillion
silicon carbide device field hours

The John Palmour Manufacturing Center: Increasing Wolfspeed Materials Capacity by 10x

This state-of-the-art Silicon Carbide wafer facility will:

  • Focus on 200 mm wafers
  • Span 1.8 km2 (445 acres)
  • Be highly-automated
  • Create 1,800 new jobs by 2030
  • Cover more than 185,806 m2 (2 million ft2)
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Mohawk Valley Fab: Ramping Production and Qualifications Now

Wolfspeed Mohawk Valley Fab in Marcy, NY USA​

First and largest 200 mm Silicon Carbide Power Fab: ​

  • Will be 20% utilized by July 2024; ramps continue through 2027
  • Fully automated lights-out fab​
    • Automotive quality systems designed-in​
    • IATF certified on first pass
  • Site spans 220,000 m2 (55 acres) ​
  • Cover more than 46,451 m2 (484,000 ft2)​
  • Building is more than 46,451 m2 (484,000 ft)2
  • LEED Silver certified energy efficient building​

Plans to Construct European Device Fab

Architectural rendering of potential fab design in Saarland, Germany

Will be Wolfspeed’s largest and most advanced 200 mm SiC fab

  • Located in Saarland, Germany
  • Estimated at >$2 billion investment​
  • Optimized for innovative manufacturing processes​
  • Planned to build next generation Silicon Carbide devices​
  • Designed to be a model for fab sustainability​
  • Contingent upon IPCEI funding approvals

Recent Purchase of Epitaxy Facility in Farmers Branch, Texas

Extending our epitaxy capacity:

  • Establishes multi-site epi footprint​
  • Automated tools​
  • Initial ramp beginning in middle of 2024​
  • Spans 0.6 km2 (16.28 acres)
  • Site covers more than 26,000 m2 (280,000 ft2)​
  • Will support 150 mm and 200 mm wafers

Diversifying our Global Footprint with Multisite Expansion

Illustrated icon of a purple crystal

Materials and/or epi site

Illustrated icon showing a wafer that represents our fabrication sites

Fabrication site

Illustrated icon showing a microchip that represents our Packaging and TDI sites

Packing and TDI site

*Purple text denotes existing footprint

*Teal text denotes future footprint

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