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Landscape image of Windmills representing Wolfspeed's commitment to sustainability


We strive to make things better. Whether it’s for our company and employees, our environment, or the communities we serve, we are committed to giving back.

Our Sustainability Mission

Our purpose extends beyond our products. Our business is built on the power of Silicon Carbide and the innovative possibilities unleashed by the technology. Always at the forefront of technology revolutions, we serve as a catalyst for driving change that transforms our communities, industries, and our world by powering more and consuming less.

Sustainability Reporting

We release an annual report to disclose our initiatives, goals and performance in the areas of Social Responsibility, Environment, and Corporate Governance. Learn how we’re enhancing value for ourselves and our customers, supporting our people and communities and protecting our environment.

2023 Sustainability ReportView the 2023 Report

A diverse group of people standing in a circle and placing their hands in the center one on top of another to symbolize teamwork and synergy.

Social Responsibility

People First, People Always
We consider the health and well-being of each individual associated with our community as our primary responsibility. We have established stringent rules for material sourcing, supplier selection, and employee health and safety, while also promoting community engagement and education programs.

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Sustainability Documents

Product Ecology Documents
ISO Certifications
  • OHS ISO 45001 Certified
  • EMS ISO 14001 Certified
  • QMS ISO 9001 Certified


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