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SpeedFit 2.0 Design Simulator™

Welcome to SpeedFit 2.0, the industry’s most comprehensive system-level circuit simulator for silicon carbide power applications.

SpeedFit Design Simulator

Accelerate the design process with simulation results you can trust. SpeedFit 2.0 quickly calculates losses and estimates junction temperature for power devices based on lab data for common topologies ranging from simple buck and boost converters to a fully bi-directional totem pole PFC with resonant DC/DC converter. Using SpeedFit 2.0, you can quickly determine:

  • The right product for an application
  • Comparative performance for different devices
  • How the performance with varies Rg
  • How many devices need to be paralleled

Returning users, please perform a hard refresh on your browser (press Ctrl+F5 in most browsers) to ensure you are working with the latest version of the SpeedFit Simulator.

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