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Solar panels and electric windmills represent Wolfspeed's dedication to providing a more secure energy future.
Power Applications

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the road to a greener, more secure energy future. It’s a road being paved by Wolfspeed silicon carbide semiconductors and materials.

A greener future is at hand.

In April 2019, the United States passed a significant milestone. In that 30-day period, renewable energy output surpassed that of coal generation in the U.S. for the first time in history.1 It’s proof that by working together, we can make a low-carbon society a reality.

Wolfspeed's 600 kW XM3 Reference Design
Wolfspeed's 600 kW XM3 High Performance Dual Three-Phase Inverter Reference Design

All of our energy goes into conserving yours.

Wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal and bioenergy sources now provide one-third of all global power capacity, and that’s rising quickly as nations seek alternatives to an increasingly problematic reliance on fossil fuels. These five renewable sources all share a common characteristic: they rely on semiconductors and materials that convert electrical power by adjusting the voltage, current, and frequency as required by various types of equipment and applications.

Energy is limited — how we use it matters. Wolfspeed has spent 30 years developing devices that help make sure every kilowatt hour is expended with extreme efficiency, to the greatest effect, using the least possible energy, regardless of the source of that energy. When it’s from renewable sources, it makes our work even more rewarding. As the manufacturer of the industry’s fastest, smallest, lightest, most efficient and highest-performing wide bandgap Silicon Carbide (SiC) power semiconductors, we’re more committed than ever to providing designers of any and every power system the tools to achieve their vision of a more secure energy future.

Renewable Energy Applications

Wolfspeed's silicon carbide-based converters help to create efficient wind-energy solutions.

Wind Power

Wolfspeed’s Silicon Carbide-based converters outperform silicon-based devices by conserving energy and reducing system size and lifetime cost. Their inclusion enables a seven-fold gain in switching frequency, thanks to the low-loss, high-frequency, and high-temperature capabilities of wide bandgap Silicon Carbide. Our components are designed to allow field service engineers to pop them in as one-for-one replacements for traditional Si devices.

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Wolfspeed: Disruptive by Design

From its inception, Wolfspeed has been focused on the future, and that Silicon Carbide power is the technology that can bring your business forward.

Wolfspeed has more 30 years of experience in silicon carbide power and 7+ trillion installed field hours. We have invested in the future of silicon carbide technology and are expanding our capacity thirtyfold to support your business’s growth. With more than 20 years of diode and MOSFET production, we are equipped to supply the components that enable the future of renewable energy power applications.

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