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A composite image showing application uses for Wolfspeed's Silicon Carbide technology.

International Microwave Symposium 2021

Virtual Event: June 20 - 25

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Powering More. Consuming Less.™

Investing in tomorrow’s innovative RF solutions by partnering with the world’s designers to improve system size, weight and power.

A large satellite dish faces away from the viewer, representing Wolfspeed's RF focus areas.

Virtual Talk

Title: Wolfspeed Enables High Performance RF Power Solutions
Date & Time: June 21, 2021
Abstract: This video will include a brief introduction to Wolfspeed GaN on SiC innovations that deliver high efficiency and optimize RF system performance. We will then discuss three market focus areas (X-Band Radar, Macro and mMIMO Telecommunications Infrastructure) where Wolfspeed is continuing to expand its portfolio of RF GaN solutions enabling designers to improve system size, weight, and power.

Technical Presentations

Bar graph for the DPD Architecture workshop

Investigation on a Desirable DPD Architecture and Trapping Characteristics for GaN Power Amplifier Linearization

Philip Song, Zul Mokhti, Qianli Mu
Virtual Technical Session (WelF1-17)
Wednesday, June 23 | Time: 13:00 – 15:00

A 2-level digital predistortion (DPD), a simplified version of a piecewise DPD, is designed and used to verify that a piecewise DPD is effective in linearizing typical GaN devices in industry that exhibit low power distortions due to trapping. A further investigation is taken to understand the device characteristics that are favored by a piecewise DPD by characterizing various devices.

An example trapping model for GaN HEMTs.

ARFTG Virtual Session: Simple Trapping Model for GaN HEMTs

John Wood, Zul Mokhti, Yueying Liu
Virtual Technical Session
Friday, June 25 | Time: TBD

A simple model to describe the influence of trapping on the RF electrical behavior of GaN HEMTs is presented. The trapping models are incorporated into a simplified FET model. The FET model is compared with pulse transient measurements made on a variety of test samples and used for predictions of RF and modulated-signal performance, to illustrate how trapping can affect the behavior of real FETs. This model is used for comparison of different technology approaches and for trend analysis.

Video Demo

Close up of a Keysight Signal Generator showing values for a Wolfspeed X-band product


Wolfspeed's CMPA901A020S, a X-band MMIC, connected to testing devices.


Both packing options of the Wolfspeed's CMPA801B030, a X-band 2 stage MMIC.


GaN Foundry Services

Offering design assistance, proven processes, testing, and support for first pass design success

New! MMICs now available with Environmental Encapsulant and Scratch Coat (EE+SC) for improved robustness

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Wolfspeed RF GaN Foundry Services

A large satellite dish faces away from the viewer, representing Wolfspeed's RF focus areas.

Virtual Booth Experience

We’ve missed seeing you in person over the past year; check out our virtual booth to get an in-depth look at some of Wolfspeed’s most popular RF solutions.

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Knowledge Center

Radar / Avionics

GaN Solutions: Small Packages for Big Radar Challenges

AESA systems use active arrays, each with hundreds or even thousands of antennas. In many cases, the system is evaluated on the basis of size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C). The technology enabling the latest AESA radar systems must therefore offer significant benefits in terms of SWaP-C improvements.
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Why Wolfspeed?

GaN Expertise

We created the industry’s first GaN HEMT on Silicon Carbide and for the last 20 years have focused on investing in tomorrow’s innovative RF solutions by partnering with the world’s designers to improve system size, weight, and power.


As a pioneer in gallium nitride semiconductors, we now field a broad portfolio of the most capable next-generation, GaN on SiC based HEMTs (as packaged & bare die), MMIC power amplifiers, as well as LDMOS devices for all your RF system design needs.


We are the only vertically-integrated semiconductor manufacturer and control 100% of our GaN and SiC material supply. We doubled our production capacity in 2018 and will continue to expand our capacity to meet the expected market growth by 2024.

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