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Wolfspeed in Automotive Power Systems

Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Location: Virtual Webinar

Event date: Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Topic: OBC & EV Traction

This webinar highlights the advantages of Wolfspeed’s SiC portfolio for the automotive market. The impact SiC can have on a variety of applications including EV drivetrain inverter, 400 and 800V battery system, etc. It also compares systems benefits and reference designs (XM3 300kW, Vepco 180k). Second section of the webinar introduces SiC in EV OBC, 400 and 800V battery system, unidirectional and bidirectional, comparing system benefits and reference designs (6.6kW 650V, 22kW,1200V). The webinar and its content is in Italian language.

The webinar and its content is in Italian language.

Durante il webinar saranno illustrati i vantaggi dell’adozione dei componenti di Wolfspeed per applicazioni in ambito automotive (on board).

Saranno analizzati antitutto i benefici dell’adozione di componenti SiC per inverter di trazione elettrici, sia su sistemi a 400V che ad 800V, e proposti alcuni reference design (XM3 300kW, Vepco 180kW,...).

Successivamente verra’ valutato l’impatto dell’introduzione di componenti SiC nei caricabatterie a bordo auto (On Board Chargers), nuovamente nei diversi scenari (400V/800V, unidirezionale/bidirezionale,...) e con i relativi reference design (6.6kW a 650V, 22kW a 1200V)

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