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Suppliers & Contractors

Ariba Resources

Video Walkthrough for Standard Accounts

We have a 45-minutes supplier training video available on demand which focuses on training and educating suppliers on the benefits and functionality of the Ariba Network.

Screenshot of the Wolfspeed SAP Ariba learning site interface, including slides on the left, a resources list in the top middle, a Q&A input box and a panel about the speaker.
Wolfspeed Standard Account Supplier Training Video

Login is required. First time login will require a free registration, all future logins only require the registration email address that was used to register.

Access Supplier Training Video

Ariba Supplier Learning Materials

Screenshot of SAP Business Network Learning site landing page listing various supplier questions.
SAP Business Network Learning site landing page

The learning site is designed to assist suppliers using their account on the SAP Business Network.

Invoicing for Service

We have a step by step guide with screenshots on how to generate invoices for service in the SAP Business Network.

Ariba Online Support

How do I contact Business Network Customer Support as a supplier?
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Do I contact Ariba or my customer when I have a question or issue?
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