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SpeedVal Kit™ 模塊化評估平台視頻

Jan 12, 2023
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雙脈衝測試是功率工程師在確定設計中使用最佳 MOSFET 時最常進行的測試。在這段短視頻中,Wolfspeed 全球分銷技術經理 Nicholas Powers 使用業界最全面的模組化碳化矽評估平台 SpeedVal 套件開展了雙脈衝測試。

Explore The Options

Click on the individual components of the system below to learn more and see the available options for each. Components may be purchased separately or use the SpeedVal Kit Configurator to build your complete test system. ​

Product shot of Wolfspeed's Half-bridge motherboard for the SpeedVal Kit Modular Evaluation Platform.
SpeedVal™ Kit Modular Evaluation Platform​ Half-Bridge Motherboard
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