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Blocking Voltage 650 V
Current Rating 8 A
Package TO-220 Isolated
Technology C3D
Maximum Continuous Current (IF) 8 A @ 125°C
Total Capacitive Charge (QC (typ)) 21 nC
Total Power Dissipation (PTOT) 48 W @ 25°C
dV/dt Ruggedness 200 V/ns, 0-650V
Lead-frame materials 100% matte tin solder finish over a copper lead-frame

8-A, 650-V, Z-Rec® Schottky, TO-220-A package with advanced isolation

SKU: C3D08065I

See our complete list of reference designs for examples of popular topologies commonly used with SiC today. Download our LTspice or PLECS models or try our SpeedFit design simulator.


  • Electrically isolated package
  • Essentially no switching losses
  • Higher efficiency
  • Reduction of heat-sink requirements
  • Connect directly to heat sink without Sil-Pad
  • Parallel devices without thermal runaway


  • 650-volt Schottky rectifier  
  • Ceramic package provides 2.5-kV isolation 
  • Lower thermal resistance than FullPAK
  • Zero reverse recovery current  
  • High-frequency operation  
  • Temperature-independent switching behavior 
  • Positive temperature coefficient on VF



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