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Application Industrial, Renewable Energy
Package XM3
Topology AC to DC, DC to DC, DC to AC
Status Available for Purchase
Package Type Modules
SiC Products Supported CAB450M12XM3

300kW XM3 Three-Phase Inverter


Terms: By accepting the reference designs from Cree, Inc. ("Cree"), you on behalf of your organization (or you personally, if you are requesting the model for personal use) agree to the following conditions of its use: 1. The reference design files are provided “AS IS”, and Cree disclaims any warranty either express or implied in connection with the files, including but not limited to any warranty 2. In no event, will Cree be liable for any damages arising from the use of the reference design files, regardless of the legal theory or any prior knowledge of Cree; and 3. Cree retains all copyrights and other intellectual property rights.

This 300kW three-phase inverter demonstrates best-in-class system-level power density and efficiency obtained by using Wolfspeed’s new XM3 power module platform. The XM3 power module platform is optimized for SiC MOSFETs in a high-density, low-inductance footprint, which reduces system-level losses and simplifies the overall system design.


  • Enables over 2x the power density of comparable Si based designs and >98% efficiency.
  • Switching frequency is set by the user, up to 80 kHz.
  • Uses the CAB450M12XM3 Module and CGD12HBXMP Gate Driver
  • Request the full design files using the button above.


  • Inverter
  • Active Front End
  • Interleaved DC-DC Converter


  • High Power Density New Product Development
  • High Frequency Converter Applications
  • Vehicle Traction Inverters
  • Active Front Ends
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Industrial Motor Drives
  • Energy Storage
  • Grid-Tied Distributed Generation: Solar and Wind
  • Smart-Grid / Flexible AC Transmission Systems

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