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Wolfspeed XM3 Power Module Family

Wolfspeed's XM3 power module platform maximizes the benefits of silicon carbide, while keeping the module and system design robust, simple, and cost effective.

Package Benefits

  • High Power Density Footprint
  • High Temperature (175 °C) Operation
  • Low Inductance (6.7 nH) Design
  • Implements Third Generation SiC MOSFET Technology

Technical Features

  • Terminal Layout Simplifies Bus Bar Design
  • Integrated Temperature Sensing
  • Dedicated Drain-Kelvin Pin
  • Silicon Nitride Insulator and Copper Baseplate

In order to reach high switching speeds with low switching losses, a package must be designed to achieve low stray inductance for both the module and the system-level busbar design. The XM3 module beats the inductance of competitive legacy packages using a low-inductance, overlapping planar structure.

The current loops within the module are wide, low profile, and yield even distribution between the devices, resulting in equivalent impedances across a switch position. The power terminals on the module are also vertically offset. This enables design of simple bussing between the DC link capacitors and the module, laminated all the way up to the module without requiring bends, coining, standoffs or any complex isolation. The end result is a power loop stray inductance of just 6.7 nH at 10 MHz — as demonstrated in the XM3 inverter reference design.

With half the weight and volume of a standard 62 mm module, the XM3 power module maximizes power density while minimizing loop inductance and enabling simple power bussing. The XM3’s SiC-optimized packaging enables 175 °C continuous junction operation, with a high reliability Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) power substrate to ensure mechanical robustness under extreme conditions. The XM3 is a perfect fit for demanding applications such as electric vehicle chargers, UPS, and traction drives.

Select the Right XM3 for Your System Requirements

Using the XM3 Inverter Reference Design, Wolfspeed created a graph demonstrating the system-specific trade-offs between each of the XM3 device configurations. While the exact performance will be determined by the design choices within your system, this graph can be used to understand which module may fit your end-system best.

A graph showing what the switching frequencies are in the Wolfspeed XM3 product line

Click to enlarge

Each of the three part numbers within the XM3 module family offers tailored SiC performance that can help you achieve your system performance goals:

Part NumberOptimizationOn-Resistance
(TC = 25°C)
Maximum DC Current
(TC = 90°C)
Switching Loss
at Rated Current
CAB450M12XM3 Conduction-Loss 2.6 mΩ 409 A 21.1 mJ
CAB425M12XM3 Switching-Loss 3.2 mΩ 358 A 8.4 mJ
CAB400M12XM3 Switching-Loss 4.0 mΩ 288 A 6.9 mJ

Ready to evaluate the performance of the XM3 power module in your application? You can start with our SpeedFit Design Simulator to input information about your system topology and operating conditions to simulate the XM3's performance in your system.

Rethink Your Power Electronics System with

SiC-Optimized Reference Designs & Evaluation Tools

Since the XM3 is a new, SiC-optimized power module footprint, Wolfspeed's design team created a number of design tools to help you understand, utilize, and easily implement the best practices of SiC system design.

The XM3 platform includes a form-fitting gate driver, an inverter reference design, and a dynamic characterization evaluation board available to help get you started with the XM3.

Full design files, system schematics, and user information available for download on each of the reference designs / evaluation tools discussed below. These reference designs are also available for purchase — see our Where to Buy page for more information.

A closeup picture of a 300 kilowatt XM3 Three-Phase Inverter

To show-off the power density and performance of the XM3 in a high-power application, Wolfspeed created a three-phase inverter laboratory demonstration reference design. There are three different versions of this inverter available, so that you can purchase a kit with the XM3 module that best fits your needs.

The inverter utilizing the conduction optimized module enabled the highest power throughput & 350 kW @ 10 kHz with 99.02% efficiency. The inverter utilizing the switching optimized module enables high power output at higher switching frequencies & 280 kW @ 30 kHz with 98.95% efficiency.

Other than the 3 XM3 modules, each inverter reference design includes:

  • 3 CGD12HBXMP Gate Drivers
  • A High-Performance Liquid-Cooled Wieland© Microcool® Cold Plate
  • Low-Inductance Bussing
  • Voltage / Current Sensors
  • DC Link Capacitors
  • Open-Loop Control Board
  • Optimized for Wolfspeed’s high-performance XM3 SiC half bridge power modules
  • On-board 2 W isolated power supplies supporting 80 kHz switching frequency
  • User-configurable turn-on and turn-off gate resistors enabling switching loss optimization
  • On-board overcurrent, shoot-through prevention, and reverse polarity protection
  • Differential inputs for increased noise immunity
  • Very low isolation capacitance (>5 pF) and 100 kV/µs common-mode transient immunity (CMTI)
  • Fault and power indicator LEDs for instant visual feedback
close-up shot of a Wolfspeed XM3 evaluation kit.
  • Evaluate and optimize the high speed switching performance of the Wolfspeed XM3 power module
  • Compatible with 350 MHz Current Shunt
  • Includes Bulk and High-Frequency Film Capacitors with Low Stray Inductance
  • Configurable Connections to Evaluate Both Low- and High-Side Switching
  • Compatible with entire XM3 power module platform
For more information or questions about the XM3 platform and supporting designs, please contact Wolfspeed.
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