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25 kW Bi-Directional Three-Phase Inverter Active Front End (AFE)

Wolfspeed Power Reference Design CRD25DA12N-FMC-AFE 25 kW Bi-Directional Three-Phase Inverter Active Front End (AFE)
The 25 kW three-phase inverter acts as an AC/DC active front end (AFE) power stage with an EMI filter and boost inductor adapter board to serve as an evaluation tool to support early silicon carbide (SiC) design-in activities. Developed as an extension to the established and well-characterized CRD25DA12N-FMC hardware platform, this AFE reference design utilizes Wolfspeed WolfPACK™ SiC power modules to demonstrate system level power density and efficiency in electric vehicle (EV) fast charging applications. By utilizing smaller building blocks to scale to higher power levels and enable faster charge times, WolfPACK power modules enable lighter, smaller, and more efficient 25-100 kW building blocks for modular DC fast charger designs. Acting as the grid interface for DC fast charger building blocks, this AFE design can be used as a starting point to scale to higher power when paired with an isolated DC/DC converter such as a Dual Active Bridge (DAB).

This Design Accomplishes

  • Peak efficiency of 99.4%
  • 30 Arms capable up to 100 kHz switching frequency

Flexible Operating Conditions

  • Simple 2-level topology
  • General purpose controller + control peripherals
  • Customizable firmware
  • Isolated CAN communication + GUI
  • Forced air cooled heat sink

Single Power Module Solution

  • 21 mΩ six-pack module with pre-applied TIM
  • Integrated NTC temperature sensor
  • Baseplate-less package with isolated alumina substrate
  • Simplifies system layout and assembly
  • EV Fast Charging
  • Energy Storage
What's Included
  • Schematics
  • PCB Layout
  • BOM

Documents, Tools, & Support

Circuit block diagram of Wolfspeed Reference Design CRD25DA12N-FMC-AFE

1200 V, 21 mΩ, FM3, Six-pack (three-phase) SiC Power Module with Pre-Applied Thermal Interface Material

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