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1700V SiC Schottky Diode

Cree | Wolfspeed has been working with silicon carbide for over 30 years. Wolfspeed created the world’s first GaN HEMT in SiC in 1998, the first of many innovations in the use of SiC, which would lead Cree | Wolfspeed to the forefront of the electronic systems industry by providing the market with the most advanced silicon carbide (SiC) solutions for industrial power and EV charging applications.

Wolfspeed’s SiC technology continues to offer the most advanced versions of wide bandgap semiconductor devices that support outstanding efficiency in real-world application. Most recently, the Wolfspeed engineers have made considerable developments in their advanced Schottky diode designs with the 1700V SiC Schottky diode.

A close-up photo of the Z-Rec Schottky Diode. It's model number is C5D05170H. It's a small black square with two silver prongs at the bottom. Wolfspeed’s 1700V SiC Schottky Diode Features
Wolfspeed’s 1700V SiC Schottky diode is an improvement upon the structural and technical components of its previous design iterations, delivering a truly high-performing semiconducting device. This design features extremely low switching losses made possible by reverse recovery of nearly zero and best-in-class forward voltage drop across the entire operating temperature range.

Accordingly, Wolfspeed’s 1700V SiC Schottky diode offers electronic systems higher efficiencies, smaller designs, cooler components, faster-switching speeds, and lower operational costs than those manufactured with a silicon bipolar device. Additionally, Wolfspeed’s advanced design integrates these features into the new TO-247-2 package option to make it the most ideal choice for corrosive environments.

Wolfspeed’s 1700V SiC Schottky Diode Benefits in Applications
Wolfspeed partners with the world’s most talented designers to build a new future of faster, smaller, lighter, and more powerful electronic systems. Wolfspeed’s 1700V SiC Schottky diode offers an extensive range of current ratings so that designers can incorporate this semiconducting device into a wide variety of applications. The flexibility of the 1700V SiC Schottky diode makes it an excellent device for use in power rectifiers, circuit, solar cells, clamp diodes, and radio frequency mixer and detector applications. The implementation of these diodes will lead to improvements in the performance and efficiency of these types of systems.

Wolfspeed, and its parent company Cree, manufactures the world’s highest quality and most reliable bandgap semiconductors, putting to use 28 years of experience in the electronics industry. Wolfspeed remains committed to delivering Schottky diodes with higher frequencies, higher efficiency and lower operating temperatures without requiring additional system modification. Wolfspeed offers SiC Schottky diodes in a variety of current ratings, voltage ratings and package options to meet any application requirement.

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