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Wolfspeed KIT-CRD-CIL17N-XM Dynamic_Evaluation Board
Dynamic Characterization Evaluation Tool Optimized for the Wolfspeed 1700 V XM Half-Bridge Module Platform

Wolfspeed’s KIT-CRD-CIL17N-XM is a dynamic performance tool that can be used to evaluate and optimize switching performance of Wolfspeed’s 1700 V XM half-bridge power modules with 3rd generation Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs. A clamped inductive load (CIL) test circuit with high-bandwidth current measurement provides a high-speed, low-inductance test fixture for double pulse testing. This test fixture in conjunction with one of the many gate driver board options allow for measurement of:

  • Timing (TDelay-On; TDelay-Off; TRise; TFall)
  • Overshoot (VDS-Max; ID-Max)
  • Speed (di/dt; dv/dt)
  • Switching Loss (EON; EOFF; ERR)
  • Optimized for Wolfspeed’s XM Silicon Carbide half-bridge power modules
  • DC bus voltage up to 1500 V
  • Onboard 110 uF bulk capacitor bank and high-frequency film capacitor bank
  • High-speed, low-inductance layout with stray inductance of 6.0 nH at 10 Mhz
  • Onboard high-bandwidth current viewing resistor (CVR)
  • Screw terminals for power supply and load inductor connections
  • Traction Inverter / Motor Drive
  • Power Supplies / UPS
  • Test and Production Equipment
  • Aerospace / eVTOL
  • Vehicle Fast Charger
  • Medical

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