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SpeedVal™ Kit Modular Evaluation Platform

Wolfspeed SpeedVal Kit Modular Evaluation Platform - Full Kit Shot
The industry’s most versatile modular silicon carbide evaluation platform
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Wolfspeed’s SpeedVal™ Kit Modular Evaluation Platform speeds the transition from silicon to silicon carbide (SiC) with a flexible set of building blocks for in-circuit evaluation of system performance. Quickly evaluate and optimize the high-speed dynamic switching performance of Wolfspeed silicon carbide MOSFETs paired with your choice of range of gate driver options from industry-leading partners. Perform high-power thermal testing to evaluate operation at real operating points. An accurate modular spice model for each block in the system allows engineers to compare test data with simulation and model their own system. SpeedVal™ Kit consists of a motherboard, power daughter card, gate driver card, an optional control card, and other optional accessories.

Flexibility Without Compromise

SpeedVal Kit’s unique card-edge connection enables users to change silicon carbide devices in seconds while maintaining a low-inductance connection to the DC bus, meaning testing that took weeks can be completed in minutes. The versatile power daughter cards come in a range of packages from surface mount TOLL devices through TO-247 packages.

Design with Confidence

SpeedVal Kit supports a range of voltages, package types, and power topologies to support many applications and enables testing silicon carbide devices, gate drivers, and controls at real operating conditions. This system enables users to:

  • Measure Switching Loss (Eon, Eoff, Qrr)
  • Select from a range of gate driver options to suit your needs
  • Adjust Rg to optimize switching behavior
  • Evaluate 650 to 1200 V SiC devices
  • Operate as a buck or boost converter using the Half-Bridge Motherboard, or as an inverter using the 3-Phase Motherboard
  • Perform high-power thermal testing to evaluate real-world scenarios

Coming Soon – SpeedVal Kit™ 3-Phase Modular Evaluation Platform

Designed with the same building blocks as the half-bridge SpeedVal Kit to support development of single or three-phase industrial motor drive systems. to be notified of the upcoming release of the three-phase motherboard.

Explore The Options

Click on the individual components of the system below to learn more and see the available options for each. Components may be purchased separately or use the SpeedVal Kit Configurator to build your complete test system.

SpeedVal Kit Videos

Unboxing Wolfspeed’s SpeedVal Kit​

What’s in the box? Join Wolfspeed Global Distribution Technical Manager Nick Powers as he unboxes the SpeedVal Kit Modular Evaluation Platform and highlights the advantages of using this flexible set of power building blocks for in-circuit evaluation of power system performance.

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Block diagram of the circuit design of Wolfspeed's SpeedVal Kit modular evaluation platform.
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Low Load Efficiency Simulations with Silicon Carbide

Power electronics devices are almost never working at maximum of their capabilities because of safety, reliability but even application mission profile. Our experts will demonstrate how Wolfspeed's free SpeedFit simulation tool is the perfect starting point before moving to accurate LTSpice simulations.
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