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SpeedVal Kit™ Modular Evaluation Platform​ Air Core Inductor

Tapped air core inductor for switching characterization​
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Wolfspeed has partnered with Bourns to develop an air core inductor with minimal parasitic capacitance and a tapped structure to allow engineers to perform double pulse testing across a wide range of voltage and current levels without introducing distortion into the measurement. The air core design ensures that there is no potential for saturation or core effects on the current waveform. The windings have been spaced in order to minimize the shunt capacitance which can introduce extra ringing on the MOSFETs in the circuit.​ This inductor can simplify your switching loss (double pulse) testing experience when using the evaluation board.

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What's Included
  • Air core inductor​
  • Complete design files

SpeedVal Kit Videos

Unboxing Wolfspeed’s SpeedVal Kit​

What’s in the box? Join Wolfspeed Global Distribution Technical Manager Nick Powers as he unboxes the SpeedVal Kit Modular Evaluation Platform and highlights the advantages of using this flexible set of power building blocks for in-circuit evaluation of power system performance.

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