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SpeedVal Kit™ Modular Evaluation Platform Buck/Boost Filter Board

Product photography of the Wolfspeed Buck/Boost filter board.
Easily perform high-power buck or boost testing
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The SpeedVal Kit Evaluation Platform has an optional Buck/Boost Filter Accessory Board that seamlessly enables Buck or Boost. This board contains an inductor, capacitors and a fan, and easily screws directly onto the SpeedVal Kit half-bridge motherboard with high-current connections. ​

With this board, you can easily change between running the evaluation board as a buck or boost converter by simply changing the connections to this board from the power supply and load.

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SpeedVal Kit™ Modular Evaluation Platform Buck/Boost Filter Board

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Current Rating
Inductance at No Load
Inductance at Rated Current
Output Capacitance
25 A
693 uH
400 uH
48 pF
40 A
398 uH
190 uH
48 pF

Product Details

  • Reconfigurable to enable buck or boost operation​
  • Maximum voltage: 900V​
  • Multiple power ratings available ​
  • Simplifies system-level testing
What's Included
  • Fully assembled filter board​
  • Voltage feedback harness​
  • Fan for cooling the inductor​
  • Complete design files

SpeedVal Kit Videos

Unboxing Wolfspeed’s SpeedVal Kit​

What’s in the box? Join Wolfspeed Global Distribution Technical Manager Nick Powers as he unboxes the SpeedVal Kit Modular Evaluation Platform and highlights the advantages of using this flexible set of power building blocks for in-circuit evaluation of power system performance.

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SpeedVal Kit

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Speed the transition from silicon to Silicon Carbide with the SpeedVal Kit, the industry’s first modular Silicon Carbide evaluation platform providing a flexible set of building blocks for in-circuit evaluation of Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide MOSFETs.
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