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Ensdorf, Germany FAB

Wolfspeed Announces Plan to Construct World’s Most Advanced Silicon Carbide Device Manufacturing Facility in Germany

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We recently announced our plan to construct the world’s most advanced Silicon Carbide facility in Ensdorf, Germany. Wolfspeed and ZF have announced a strategic partnership to support the construction of the new fab, as well as well as a joint R&D center (location TBD).

2.0+ Billon
Euro Investment for Ensdorf Plant
Employees Estimated for Factory and R&D Locations
Global Producer of Silicon Carbide

Why you should consider joining us:

  • We are building a Silicon Carbide ecosystem with partnerships that will drive innovation and push our technology even further.
  • We do things in a human way. We know you have a life outside of work and believe that should be the priority for all employees.
  • We believe in compensating employees competitively, both internally and externally, to the market.
  • We have a variety of generous benefits to support the journey you are on, reflecting our people-first mentality.
  • We need you: passionate problem solvers and innovators, to help us change the world.

Click on a job category below to be considered for opportunities at any of our current or future Germany locations:



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