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In The Studio: Driving the Future of e-Mobility

Oct 05, 2022
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From energy capture, to energy storage and distribution, the e-mobility movement is encompassing a complete ecosystem of solutions for every driver and vehicle. Join Guy Moxey and Naser Abu Daqqa, Managing Director at Power I.D., to learn how Silicon Carbide is driving the e-mobility movement from sun to wheels.

About In The Studio

In The Studio is an in-depth series unpacking some of the semiconductor industry’s biggest questions, and investigating the trends and innovations that are shaping the future of Silicon Carbide and wide bandgap technologies. Each episode features an unscripted sit-down tech talk with industry experts to discuss theories and emerging concepts that look beyond the day-to-day challenges. In The Studio is hosted by Wolfspeed’s Guy Moxey, who has spent nearly three decades helping customers develop ground-breaking applications with the power of Silicon Carbide. Explore our growing video library, and learn more about how you can harness the power of Silicon Carbide. 

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Silicon Carbide Efficiency

Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide offers a 5-20% increase in overall efficiency – a figure that Guy Moxey describes as “mind boggling” in the EV industry. Listen as Guy and Naser Abu Daqqa, Managing Director of Power I.D. GmbH, discuss how Silicon Carbide is ushering in a new future and mindset.


In the Sun-to-Wheels movement efficiency in energy collection, storage and distribution is of paramount importance. Guy Moxey and Naser Abu Daqqa, Managing Director for Power I.D. GmbH, discuss the sun-to-wheels movement and how Silicon Carbide fuels the world-wide race to electrify everything from scooters, to cars, to commercial vehicles.

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