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Wolfspeed Now Offers ECAD Symbols, Footprints, and 3D Models

Jan 28, 2022
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Accelerating Power & RF System Designs Time to Market

Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology has quickly replaced traditional silicon components in many applications due to its lower conduction losses, faster switching frequencies, higher operating temperatures, improved robustness, and general reliability. Wolfspeed offers time saving design support tools for the most in-demand SiC in Power systems and Gallium Nitride (GaN) on SiC devices in RF systems. These advantages (as seen in Wolfspeed’s reference designs) lead to better efficiencies and higher power densities. Incorporating new components into your PCB design can be challenging, however, having the proper ECAD resources and tools at your disposal, such as 3D models, footprints, and symbols, can greatly accelerate development time as well as reduce errors.

In addition to detailed reference designs, application notes, simulations, and PLECS / LTSpice models (which can be found in the Document Library), Wolfspeed now offers high-quality Power ECAD models and RF ECAD models across several platforms to assist in the design and development of systems using SiC and GaN on SiC. This allows engineers to access accurate details on components and reduce the risk of errors during earlier stages of development while also helping to optimize both electrical and mechanical design.

Where to find models

Models created for the most common design tools are available for download directly on Wolfspeed’s website. Explore Wolfspeed’s document library for free access to SiC devices in OrCAD, Altium, Eagle, KiCAD, and 3D step model formats. A generic, non-CAD–specific STEP file is available for download which can quickly be imported into most CAD systems that support 3D visualization and mechanical files. Easily download and integrate into your part library for faster design.

Screenshot of Wolfspeed's ECAD document library, searchable by product SKU

Additionally, many device models are available natively in Altium Designer’s Manufacturer Part Search tool, as well as OrCAD for the most seamless integration into your design.

Altium users can either add a part to their design using the Manufacturer Part Search tool or by downloading the Altium format files from Wolfspeed’s Document Library. Downloaded files will come in schematic and PCB library format. If you have Altium open, simply open your library folder in the project tree (schematic or PCB), drag and drop the new library into Altium. You can either move the Wolfspeed library into the project library documents or copy / paste the symbol into your own library. The screenshot below demonstrates this process with a Wolfspeed C3M0032120J1 SiC MOSFET.

Detailed screenshot of the Altium Designer's Part Search Tool. It shows how to add new parts to the software.

Engineers using other ECAD platforms can find Wolfspeed SiC and GaN on SiC devices in additional model formats on Ultra Librarian’s website. Ultra Librarian allows users to see a preview of the device model and configure it for the specific design software tool being utilized as shown below.

Ultra Librarian's website showcasing how you can configure Wolfspeed parts for specific designs.

3D visualization and STEP models

An integrated STEP model comes with the PCB footprint for ECAD platforms with this feature, so when transitioning to board layout, the part can easily be visualized for thermal management and other mechanical considerations.

Detailed ECAD simulation of a Wolfspeed component from an integrated STEP model.
Wolfspeed C3M0032120J1 SiC MOSFET in Altium PCB Editor

Visualizing 3D models in Altium is also very useful when the component itself requires additional interfaces to mechanical components, such as heatsinks. TO-247 packages typically require board-mounted heatsinks that interface with the thermal pad of the component. The image below shows a Wolfspeed C3M0040120K imported into Altium, interfaced and aligned with a heatsink component.

Wolfspeed C3M0040120K imported into Altium, interfaced and aligned with a heatsink component.
Wolfspeed C3M0040120K SiC MOSFET and TO-247 heatsink placed in Altium PCB Editor

OrCAD, KiCAD, Eagle, and other comparable PCB CAD software have similar features with respect to library management and 3D visualization.

Reference designs provide designers with a great starting point

In addition to the individual components, Wolfspeed provides access to complete reference designs as well. This helps accelerate development time while also providing the designer with confidence as well as lowering risk at implementation. On Ultra Librarian, reference designs include a BOM with each board-level component and its associated symbols/models if available. The CRD-06600DD065N 6.6-kW high-frequency DC/DC converter, for instance, can be quickly viewed and/or imported into OrCAD.

Wolfspeed CRD-06600DD065N in the Ultra Librarian's website, as well as a screenshot of the evaluation board's details imported into a CAD system.
Viewing Wolfspeed CRD-06600DD065N reference design schematic in OrCAD Capture Cloud

The Wolfspeed KIT-CRD-3DD12P buck-boost evaluation PCB is an example of an evaluation board including details of every component and their associated models/symbols that can be found in Ultra Librarian. Importing these reference projects into a CAD system provides the user with a great starting point for development while also reducing the risk for errors during symbol and schematic creation.

Wolfspeed design support tools and resources such as SpeedFit, simulation models, white papers, application notes, reference designs, and now device models help empower the designer to develop electronic products faster and more efficiently. Access to high-quality footprints, symbols, and 3D models enables engineers to utilize Wolfspeed’s industry leading SiC and GaN on SiC devices in their designs while saving time and reducing the potential for errors.

Learn more about Wolfspeed Power and RF Symbols, Footprints, and 3D Models.

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