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62 mm BM3 Silicon Carbide Half-Bridge Power Modules

Angled product photo of the 62mm BM3 half-bridge power module for Wolfspeed.
1200 V, 3.25 mΩ, 62mm, Half-Bridge SiC Power Module
Wolfspeed’s BM3 power module platform provides the system benefits of Silicon Carbide (SiC) while maintaining the robust, industry-standard 62 mm module package. The internal design of Wolfspeed’s 62 mm BM3 package enables high speed Silicon Carbide switching benefits and increased system efficiency, due to the low-inductance layout. The BM3 platform is a perfect fit for high frequency industrial applications such as induction heating, rail and traction, motor drives, and EV charging infrastructures.


62 mm BM3 Silicon Carbide Half-Bridge Power Modules

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62 mm BM3 Silicon Carbide Half-Bridge Power Modules

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1200 V
400 A
3.25 mΩ
Gen 3 MOS
175 °C
105 x 62 x 31 mm
Industrial + HV-H3TRB

Product Details

  • Industry-Leading; Reliable Silicon Carbide MOSFET Technology in Robust; Well-Established 62mm Form Factor
  • Strong Thermal Performance + Material Selections Optimized for Industrial & Harsh Environment Applications
  • Low-Inductance Design (10 – 15 nH) for Fast Switching with Low Power Losses
  • MOSFET Die and Selected Modules Qualified to HV-H3TRB
  • Broad Portfolio of Current and Voltage Ratings Available to Fit Diverse Industrial Application Requirements
  • Fast Time to Market with Minimal Development Required for Transition from 62 mm IGBT Packages
  • Reduced Cooling Requirements & Overall System Cost
  • Optimized Internal Layout for Low Power Losses & Minimal Overshoot for Maximum Voltage Utilization
  • Induction Heating
  • Motor Drives
  • Energy Generation / Smart Grids / Smart Energy
  • Railway
  • EV Fast Charging
  • UPS and SMPS

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