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Diverse team working together in a lab representing Wolfspeed's Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion initiatives

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Talent, ambition and equal opportunity create prosperity for our company and for our people.

Wolfspeed Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion logo

We have unlimited potential thanks to people who bring their gifts and talents to work each day.

We’ve seen how diversity, equity and inclusion drive better business results and celebrate our employees’ differences and authenticity. Diverse ideas, perspectives, thinking styles, and life experiences produce higher quality decisions and enable us to solve problems other companies think to be impossible.

We gather motivated individuals who are true to their nature and beliefs, provide resources and room for growth, and harness the cumulative genius which is inherent in our human race.

Welcome All

Wolfspeed Committed to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion - Image of coworkers around a conference table

Job Descriptions and Roles: A Reboot

Intellectual growth tends to make titles fleeting and a job description merely a convenient label. As a company we believe there is no shortage of good ideas, and our search for solutions gains energy and insight through an open interchange of ideas and solutions.

Image of pencils & pens sticking out of a holder in an office

More Joy, Less Stress

Being a parent is one of life’s joys and makes for a well-rounded employee. We’ve aligned with organizations which include UrbanSitter, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Durham and Orange Counties and the YMCA to help reduce team members’ child care expenses, and in some cases, elder care expenses.

Image of a team member entering their office space

Rewarding Hard Work is Sort of Our Thing

Graduate hires have gained skills and abilities through their own initiative which helps our company grow. A Student Loan Repayment Benefit is available to help under-resourced, newly graduated hires focus their talents on building a career with our company.

Image of a team member reviewing their computer in a server room

Uniting For Knowledge and Perspective

Diversity Alliances with civic and business organizations help under-represented communities grow and succeed. The NC Chamber of Commerce, RTI and the cities of Raleigh and Durham support these Alliances with performance benchmarking and networking opportunities.

Recent grads throw their caps in the air

Finding The Next Wave Of Leaders

Corporations have a social responsibility to help ensure that neither color, culture, ethnicity or economic status limit opportunity to a fulfilling career. We recruit from and provide endowments, scholarships and internships to two of America’s largest HBCUs, Morgan State and NC A&T.

Test Driving A Vehicle For Growth

Internships further our inclusion, diversity and business goals with the support of an intern-specific ERG (Employee Resource Group). Currently 47% of our internships reflect equitable gender and diversity aims, and interns supporting tech units are 65% female.

Nurture All

By proactively providing learning opportunities and other avenues to advancement, we seek to enhance the growth, development and financial wellbeing of all team members. We’ve launched a multi-step initiative, MPower, to develop mentors, foster the establishment of mentor-mentee relationships and evaluate and document progress. Existing and emerging Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a significant resource in guiding our efforts.

MPower. It’s a movement, a goal and a promise to confirm the certainty that increasingly capable employees create an increasingly capable organization.

Building Leaders

We seek to develop leaders with a diversity of life experiences to harness the ambition and aptitude often overlooked in underrepresented communities. MPower structures engagement for all team members, documents growth, and accelerates career progress and advancement.

A Mentor Is Both Teacher and Pupil

Both mentor and mentee gain meaningful insights which go beyond academic expertise to create sociological awareness, cultural understanding and a broader worldview, which adds to the intellectual depth of the organization and spurs innovation. And that’s the point.

When They Grow, We Grow

MPower helps foster achievement and advancement, especially in STEM fields. Our education and technical certification sponsorships for 2021 aim to reduce the opportunity gap for women and other underrepresented groups, amplify their voices and harness their talents.

Counting Stars

Talent reviews assess team members across the organization, identify high-potential employees and rising talent and identify opportunities for advancement. While we actively recruit new hires, we’re intent on retention, development and advancement of the talent we already have.

Education Sponsorship

Our Education Sponsorship Program helps team members pursue an associates or bachelor’s degree. We partner with seven North Carolina community colleges and two universities and pay for all fees and tuition for certain degreed programs to minimize any out-of-pocket costs.

Celebrate All

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the 3,500+ people who have helped build a competitive, sustainable enterprise, we are able to fulfill our obligation to be a visible, active community-corporate partner. As we continue to strengthen relationships with community organizations, special attention will be paid to communities which are struggling economically, those with marginalized populations, and where students of color can be mentored and provided resources and opportunities.

Our Values

Our values are a simple, yet powerful, reflection of who we are and how we act; they are in all that we say, do and achieve for our Company. They reflect both our great history of disruptive innovation and set the tone for the exciting future ahead. We do amazing things in a human way.

Team members from around the world across every business function shared their thoughts about our values through focus groups, emails and conversations. As a result, we’ve established principles that represent what we want the experience to be for our employees as well as the customers, partners and communities we serve.

Safety, Integrity & Respect

We value our people above all else. Their safety is primary in every decision we make. We always act with integrity and respect for our people, workplace and community. Relationships matter. We value everyone’s contribution and an environment of spirited and open debate.

We do the right thing, and we say, “Thank You.”

Ownership and Accountability

We are accountable to each other and committed to the highest standards of safety, quality, work and behavior.

We succeed or fail together.

Ingenuity and Passion

Our passion for making the world better through innovation means we take risks and question conventional thinking, developing new technologies and ways of doing business—leading the way, every single day.

We do what others say can’t be done.

Wolfspeed Community Engagement - Making a Difference

Lift Up All

Addressing educational opportunities, hunger and homelessness in the communities where we operate to ​close the opportunity gap​.

Community Engagement

We are out to prove that any societal disadvantage can be overcome with adequate resources and support so that all are free to pursue and achieve a productive, fulfilling life. We partner with municipalities, civic organizations and advocacy groups to close the opportunity gap by addressing homelessness and hunger and by providing opportunities to excel. Through corporate events, sponsorships and employee-led initiatives, we focus our efforts on increasing awareness of the opportunities provided through science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), while helping remove potential obstacles such as a having a safe place to sleep and enough food to eat and also shine a light on the importance of diversity and social justice.

Matching Gifts Program

Every individual should have a roof over their heads, enough food to eat and an opportunity to excel. Our Company’s Matching Gifts Program supports programs focused on food and hunger relief, housing and emergency housing relief, educational and early intervention programs through science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and programs aimed at closing the opportunity gap in our communities through the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion and social justice initiatives. Through our Matching Gifts Program, each time an employee makes a donation to one of our identified agencies, the Company will match their donation dollar-for-dollar, and up to $500 per employee in a fiscal year. Virtual dollars known as “Cause Cards” are provided to new employees when they join the Company to introduce them to the giving platform.

Community Partners

We partner with municipalities, civic organizations and advocacy groups to help ensure our community is one that addresses any inequities in opportunity. We are out to prove that any societal disadvantage can be overcome with adequate resources and support so that all are free to pursue and achieve a productive, fulfilling life.

Our Community Partners

American Heart Association Go Red logo
Capital Region Chamber logo
Carolina Hurricanes Logo
Dress for Success logo

Educational Partners

Our diversity is our strength and we advocate that it be universally embraced. We’ve established partnerships with universities to provide partial and full-ride STEM-focused scholarships in higher education and bridge programs for high school seniors, with an eye to eliminating the opportunity gap for diverse, under-represented and marginalized populations.

Educational Partners

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Women in the Enterprise of Science & Technology logo
SUNY Polytechnic Institute logo
Society of Women Engineers logo

In the Community

Wolfspeed employees standing around a table full of toys and gifts for children while holding up a large donation check to the Operation Rescue Christmas nonprofit.

Wolfspeed's 2021 Operation Rescue Christmas donation to the Military Missions in Action.

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