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Airplane flying toward a navigation tower, representing how Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide is used in aerospace applications.

International Microwave Symposium 2020

Live: August 4 - 6 | On Demand: August 4 - September 30

Powering More. Consuming Less.™

Investing in tomorrow’s innovative RF solutions by partnering with the world’s designers to improve system size, weight and power.

Industry Workshops

Practical GaN Power Amplifier Design - Modeled vs Measured Performance, Tricks and Tips for Avionics and Satcom Applications

In this workshop, we will walk power amplifier designers through the process of using MWO Large Signal Models for discrete transistors from Wolfspeed. Designs presented include a 200W single-ended GaN avionics power amplifier and a 25W C-Band GaN Satcom power amplifier. The designer will show how to accurately simulate the designs using self-heating features, via-farms, and full EM simulation. The native features and functions of the Wolfspeed MWO will also be covered in detail.

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Narrated Presentations

Detailed product shot of a silicon carbide wafer being manufactured.

New G28V5 Process Provides Ka-Band GaN MMIC Capability

Discussion of the Wolfspeed Foundry capabilities and services as well as further details on the newest process for MMICs & RF devices.

A GaN based RF amplifier representing how Wolfspeed's RF technology can be used in telecommunications.

Thermal Considerations for High Power GaN RF Amplifiers

To maximize lifetime and performance of GaN based amplifier systems, it is necessary to fully understand its thermal environment and limitations.

Abstract illustration of a telecom communication tower representing the semiconductor products Wolfspeed produces.

New RF Power Solution for Band 41 with 400 W P3dB and 53% efficiency

Wolfspeed’s new RF power Doherty solution for Band 41 cellular amplifier applications offers >400W P3dB output power, 53% efficiency and 195 MHz IBW.

GaN RF Models

The below video series covers the basics of gaining portal access to characterizing models for power amplifier designs. View these videos for more information or go directly to the link below and request access to our Large Signal Model library.
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IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Expo 2023

October 29 - November 2, 2023
Music City Center | Nashville, TN
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