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Renewable Energy

Solar Energy Systems

Wolfspeed's devices offer field-proven reliability and higher efficiency than traditional silicon devices.

Powering Everything Under the Sun

Affordable, widely available and increasingly efficient, solar power is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy options for residential, commercial, industrial and utility-scale applications. However, harnessing the sun’s power takes efficiency and reliability, which makes Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide (SiC) an excellent choice for solar energy systems to make smaller, lighter and more efficient systems.  

Illustrated flow chart showing how Wolfspeed components help convert and store solar energy in a power grid.

Build a Better Inverter with Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide

Photovoltaic solar panels are the most visible part of the solar energy system but connected to the panels is another critical component: the solar inverter. Solar inverters are responsible for converting DC current into grid-ready AC current quickly, efficiently and with minimal energy loss.  Using Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide in your inverter can significantly improve efficiency and drastically increase switching frequency resulting in smaller, lighter, lower cost systems.

Power Optimizers Boost Output Voltage

The amount of power generated with individual photovoltaic panels in a solar array can vary, leading to reduced overall system output. Whether implemented in distributed Power Optimizers, or as the first stage of a solar string inverter, Silicon carbide devices can enhance the efficiency and switching speed of the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) circuit to boost power into a constant, higher voltage to the internal bus. This DC is then converted to grid-standard AC by the inverter circuit. Using Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide MOSFETS and Schottky diodes in MPPT boost designs is a cost-effective way to maximize performance and get the most power out of your solar energy system.

Improved Reliability, Cleaner Power from Wolfspeed SiC

Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide is uniquely capable of incredible reliability and efficiency, even in the most demanding power applications. That’s because Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide offers:

Up To
Lower Losses
Up To
Higher Power Density
Up To
System Cost Savings

Solar Energy System Applications

Residential and Light Commercial Solar Systems Application Thumbnail

Residential & Light Commercial Solar Systems

Using Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide in residential solar systems enables smaller, more efficient and power dense energy systems that make renewable energy more reliable and affordable than ever before. 

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Image showing solar panels and wind turbines.

Wolfspeed: A trusted name in Silicon Carbide

Wolfspeed is the world’s first vertically integrated supplier of Silicon Carbide materials and devices; a legacy that makes us a trusted partner with renewable energy system designers across the globe. Our engineers leverage more than 10 trillion hours of experience to help you develop renewable energy solutions that meet emerging efficiency standards and power your success in the marketplace.

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Wolfspeed WolfPACK™ modules are a great choice for designers who want to increase efficiency and power density in a compact, industry-standard footprint. The family of modules provides an excellent solution for fast design implementation, scalability, long-term design support, and lower assembly overhead.
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