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Blocking Voltage 1200 V
Die Size 3.08 x 3.08 mm
Current Rating 20 A
Package Bare Die
Technology E-Series

E-Series Automotive Silicon Carbide Schottky Diode

SKU: EPW4-1200-S020A

Wolfspeed's E-Series diodes are specifically designed to be robust and relibale in the harshest environments. As a result, the E-Series diodes are the industry's first 1200V SiC diodes to be automotive qualified and high-humidity/high-voltage/high-temperature tested. The E-Series family of diodes are ideal for on-board and off-board automotive applications and solar power inversion.


  • 4th Generation SiC Merged PIN Schottky Technology
  • Zero reverse recovery current
  • Zero forward recovery voltage
  • High-frequency operation
  • Temperature-independent switching behavior
  • Extremely fast switching
  • Positive temperature coefficient on VF

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