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HM Power Module Family

Product image of a Wolfspeed HM High Performance 62 mm SiC Power Module in the HM3 package.
1200 V, 1.33 mΩ, HM High Performance 62 mm, Half-Bridge Right GK for Paralleling SiC Power Module

Wolfspeed has developed the HM power module platform to provide the benefits of Silicon Carbide in power density sensitive applications, while maintaining the baseplate compatibility of a 62mm module. The HM platform’s Silicon Carbide optimized packaging enables 175°C continuous junction operation, with a high-reliability Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) power substrate to ensure mechanical robustness under extreme conditions and a lightweight AlSiC baseplate. The HM3 is a perfect fit for demanding applications such as medical power supplies, aerospace, and traction drives.


HM Power Module Family

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HM Power Module Family

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Blocking Voltage
Current Rating
RDS(ON) at 25°C
Maximum Junction Temperature
Module Size
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HM High Performance 62 mm
Half-Bridge Right GK for Paralleling
1200 V
1.33 mΩ
Gen 3 MOS
175 °C
110 mm x 65 mm x 12.2 mm

Product Details

  • High Performance 62mm Footprint
  • Low Inductance (4.9 nH) Design to Enable High Speed Switching & High Efficiency with Reduced Losses
  • High Junction Temperature (175 °C) Operation
  • Configurations Available with both Second & Third Generation SiC MOSFETs
  • Lightweight AlSiC Baseplate
  • Silicon Nitride Insulator for Robust Thermal Cycling Capability
  • Lightweight; Compact Form Factor with 62mm Compatible Baseplate Enables System Retrofit
  • Increased System Efficiency; due to Low Switching & Conduction Losses of Silicon Carbide
  • High-Reliability Material Selection enabling High-Temperature Operation
  • Railway & Traction
  • Solar & Renewable Energy
  • EV Chargers
  • Industrial Automation & Testing
  • Medical Power Supplies
  • Motor Drives

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This document details the production packaging details including container type, quantity, MOQ, and dimensions as well as the moisture sensitivity level (MSL) for discrete SiC Schottky Diodes and MOSFETs
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