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The world runs on power, and we see a future where the world can do much more with much less.


The future of power is Wolfspeed.

We believe the unique attributes of silicon carbide provide the means to radically reduce the amount of energy the world consumes. With industry-leading switching speeds, higher performance, superior thermal capacity and field-proven reliability, Wolfspeed’s SiC semiconductors give power systems designers the tools to envision and bring to the world an increasingly energy-conserving power infrastructure.

To that end, we’ve committed a $1 billion investment for a materials mega factory and a second crystal growth factory which together will increase both our SiC wafer and our device production capacity 30-fold by 2024.

The Numbers are on our side. And yours.
Wide band-gap SiC technologies are proven to enable smarter, faster and more efficient power systems.
fewer losses
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smaller systems
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Absolute power to conserve. Absolutely.

Silicon Carbide technology: a powerful alternative to inefficient Si components in these important applications:

Server Power Supplies (also called IT Power Supplies)

A full 2% of all electrical energy in the U.S. is consumed by data centers. When those centers are fitted with Wolfspeed SiC MOSFETs and diodes, server thermal performance improves sufficiently to create 40% savings in energy costs on cooling alone. Meanwhile, operational costs drop and switching frequency rises to a peak efficiency of > 98.5% to deliver an 80+ Titanium Standard. In the period from 2010 and 2020, servers running SiC devices will have contributed 620 billion kWh in energy savings. How much more energy can be saved over the next 10 years? Let’s find out.

A server takes its energy from a power grid. Wolfspeed products help convert the AC (alternating current) from the power grid into the exact type of DC (direct current) needed for the server.

Server Power Supply

EV Charging Infrastructure

The need for vehicle charging stations is clear--who wants to run out of juice in the middle of nowhere? Simultaneously, no one wants to wait around for hours while the car's batteries recharge. A typical consumer might be willing to wait 15 minutes to get to 80% capacity, and SiC can deliver the higher voltages and power levels needed to get there. Compared to a Si system, a SiC fast DC charging solution can deliver 33% more power in 25% the area, and the 50% lower losses won't run up your electric bill.

A diagram showing how an AC (alternating current) power source is used by an electric vehicle. The AC power source is converted to a high charging rate DC (direct current) used to power the battery inside the car.

DC Fast Charger / Off-board Charger


A locomotive can pull a mile of train cars thanks to the high-torque electric traction motor. EVs, roller coasters and a vast assortment of transportation categories worldwide also use this technology, which is controlled by switching electrical current frequency and voltage and through manipulation of magnetic fields. The higher operational speeds of Wolfspeed SiC components give designers the tools to create railcar power systems which are up to 50% smaller and 30% lighter than existing systems, reducing the weight of the entire motor system by as much as 15%. Lighter trains are not only more efficient, but can be safer, too – less weight means they can stop faster. A bonus? When enabled with SiC devices, the system’s creature comforts like AC, WiFi and interior lighting consume far less energy as well.

Motor Drive

Electric motors began development in the 1700’s and have become ubiquitous, powering everything from children’s toys to factory robots to 200 MPH bullet trains. That gives the world’s engineers (and toy makers) a vast opportunity to slash energy costs by incorporating SiC devices into their designs. Wolfspeed’s 6th generation Schottky diodes and 3rd-gen SiC MOSFETS run faster and cooler and use less energy than any Si solution at roughly the same cost, and both feature a line of automotive-qualified, high-humidity devices. How much more motivation do you need?

Commercial Inductive Heating

Induction heating is the poster child of high-power applications, providing industry the ability to liquify metal, grow semiconductor crystals and ionize plasma. Induction requires extremely high current and high frequency power switched at exceptionally fast speeds with low conduction loss, which in turn requires Wolfspeed’s SiC MOSFETS. SiC devices magnify performance and minimize overall system cost over the aging Si IGBT to make Wolfspeed the leader in this very, very, very hot market.

Uninterruptible Power Systems

We live in a 24/7 world where a reliable backup power source is a crucial component of any electronic system. At one end of the spectrum is a simple standby battery backup that powers a home computer long enough to enable a safe shut down. At the other extreme are complex mission-critical IT systems that require customized, redundant, double-conversion UPS technologies which convert AC from the grid to an isolated DC source, which powers 100% of the system, allowing zero transfer time. Regardless of capability, every UPS system is designed around the same fundamental electrical and magnetic principles and properties. Future-proof your next UPS with Wolfspeed’s next-gen wide bandgap SiC semiconductors. Compared to silicon, Wolfspeed SiC components provide up to 25% fewer switching losses, 20% lower system costs and 3X lower operating temperature from components which have over 170 billion fault-free field hours. If you’re not specifying Wolfspeed SiC, you’re backing up.

Wolfspeed silicon carbide devices: how industrial strength power systems get that way.

Reference Designs

Everything’s faster with Wolfspeed SiC. Even the design process.
Reduce design-cycle time with Wolfspeed’s silicon carbide Reference Designs.

Wolfspeed offers time-saving designs for some of the most in-demand SiC devices in power systems – Inverters, MOSFETs, Gate Driver Boards, Auxiliary Supply Units and many more. These Reference Designs come complete with application notes, User Guides and introductory presentations, allowing designers to create rugged and reliable systems with best-in-class power density, performance and efficiency. All designs are provided free of charge as part of our commitment to increase adoption of SiC in every power system everywhere. Wolfspeed also offers automotive-focused resources that help you get to market faster – a design simulator, LTSpice and PLECS models and a complete roster of automotive-qualified devices. Wolfspeed SiC. More power to you.

Why Wolfspeed Power?

SiC Expertise

Wolfspeed’s founders were the first to successfully synthesize silicon carbide, and for the last 30 years have focused on devising and supplying the world’s power systems designers with the industry’s highest performing SiC technologies for high-power applications.


As a pioneer in silicon carbide semiconductors, we now field the world’s broadest, most capable portfolio of next-generation, SiC-based MOSFETs, Schottky diodes and power modules for power and industry needs.


We are the only vertically-integrated semiconductor manufacturer and control 100% of our SiC material supply. We doubled our production capacity in 2018, are on track to double capacity again by the end of 2020, and have committed $1 billion to grow SiC wafer and device production capacity 30-fold by 2024.