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Product shot of the Evaluation Gate Driver Tool Optimized for the CGD1700HB3P-HM3
Evaluation Gate Driver Tool Optimized for the CGD1700HB3P-HM3

Wolfspeed’s CGD1700HB2P-HM3 is a form-factor-fitting; two-channel gate driver for the Gen3 high performance 62 mm power module platform (HM3). Each of the two gate drive channels is protected against over-current and reverse polarity. On-Board 3 W isolated power supplies supporting 90 kHz switching frequency.

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Understanding Wolfspeed’s WolfPACK™ Power Module Family: Your Questions Answered!

Wolfspeed WolfPACK™ modules are a great choice for designers who want to increase efficiency and power density in a compact, industry-standard footprint. The family of modules provides an excellent solution for fast design implementation, scalability, long-term design support, and lower assembly overhead.
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